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7.7.2 Joint Appointment

Approved by Academic Council, Administration

A faculty member holding a joint appointment in two units is recognized to have full faculty status in those units with all the rights and responsibilities pertaining to such status (subject to the provisions relating to voting). Joint appointment reflects the scope of the faculty member's professional training and interests and the person's long-term responsibilities to the University.

One of the units shall be designated the unit of primary appointment. Normally, the faculty member carries the greater set of responsibilities in the unit of primary appointment. However, the distribution of responsibility may vary from year to year, and in special circumstances the smaller part may be in the primary unit. The faculty member's salary shall be allocated in proportion to the person's responsibilities in each unit, each year.

For purposes of University-wide governance, including representation on Academic Council and University-wide committees, a faculty member holding joint appointment shall be considered to belong to the unit of primary appointment.

For purposes of school or college governance, a faculty member who normally carries fifty percent or more of responsibilities in a school or college shall have the right to vote in elections, general faculty meetings, and referenda of that college.

For purposes of departmental governance, where applicable, a faculty member who normally carries more than fifty percent of responsibilities in a department shall have the right to vote on all matters before the department. A department may agree that faculty members holding a joint appointment with a load of fifty percent or less may vote in matters before the department. The provisions of this paragraph shall apply also to interdisciplinary programs.