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7.7.3 Procedures and Criteria

Approved by Academic Council, Administration

A faculty member desiring joint appointment or affiliation with another unit may submit a request to the Provost, after consulting with the appropriate chair (where applicable) and dean. The faculty member will then be screened by the Provost and the deans concerned to determine whose names should be forwarded to the respective units for further consideration. If the name is not forwarded for further consideration, the faculty member shall be notified in writing of the reasons for this decision.

Any department or college of the University may initiate the process of joint appointment or affiliation by submitting the names of faculty members who might be invited to receive joint appointment or affiliation. Such invitations should be submitted by the dean for screening by the Provost and two deans concerned. If the joint appointment or affiliation is viewed favorably by the Provost and the two deans concerned, the Provost should contact the faculty member to ascertain interest in such a joint appointment or affiliation.

In screening proposed joint appointments or affiliations, the following criteria should be considered: The faculty member's area (s) of formal training; the faculty member's experience in teaching and scholarship; additional areas of competence developed in the time subsequent to the period of formal training; collateral academic fields in which the faculty member can reasonably be expected to contribute; the faculty member's potential for retraining; and the nature of the program in the unit(s) of potential joint appointment or affiliation.

In considering joint appointments, careful consideration should be given to the long-term needs of the schools or departments involved, and the University as a whole. Joint appointments shall not be made for short-term consideration alone, or to improve one program at the cost of another.

Joint appointments are made by the Provost, acting upon the recommendation of the deans concerned and the members of the faculty of the departments or programs concerned. The Provost's letter of appointment shall specify the primary unit of appointment, the responsibilities of the faculty member in both units, and any understanding or conditions pertaining to the appointment, agreed to by all parties.