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7.7.4 Program Consideration

Approved by Academic Council, Administration

Each course in the University shall be clearly designated, for academic and budgetary purposes, to belong to a specific unit, regardless of the status of the faculty member or members who may teach that course. The course shall be taught under the authority and responsibility of the designated unit and shall be credited to that unit in the accounting of teaching load (Full Time Equivalency, Student Course Places, etc.). This provision in no way precludes the possibility that a course belonging to one unit may be recognized (cross-listed) by another unit to count towards major requirements, general education requirements or other purposes.

The existence of joint appointments and affiliations has the purpose and the potential to enrich the programs of all units of the University. Jointly-appointed or affiliated faculty have the responsibility of adjusting to the curricular needs of the unit which they enter. Program needs have priority over faculty interests. Optimal use of faculty resources to meet program needs may require some mutual accommodation on the part of all faculty concerned. The needs of the program and the capabilities of its faculty (including continuing faculty and new members) should be considered in a unified way. The University has the responsibility to provide resources, through Faculty Development Leaves, released time, or other means, for the program development and/or faculty retraining which may be necessary.