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8.7.7 Probationary Period Extension for Tenure Track Faculty

Revised and Approved by Administration April 16, 2014

Extension Will Be Granted: A tenure track faculty member then serving within the first five years of the probationary period may request in writing for the extension of one year of the probationary period. The following requests will be granted when accompanied with satisfactory documentation:

  • Because of a birth or adoption. Births or adoption of more than one child at one time will result in a single year of extension OR Because of an approved FMLA/CFRA/PDL, leave all of faculty duties in an amount up to or equal to 12 weeks within one or more academic year(s), if the period of absence is continuous.
  • Extension May Be Granted: Requests for probationary period extensions for reasons other than listed above. This may include a faculty member who takes a leave for reasons other than listed above, has other family-related responsibilities or for other extenuating/extraordinary circumstances that could significantly impede progress toward tenure.

Extension approval is at the discretion of the Provost, however, input from the Department Chair and Dean will be taken into consideration. If the request is granted, the probationary period extension would be in the amount of one academic year. In the case of multiple leaves, there shall not be in excess of a total of two years' extension of the probationary period.

Leaves approved by Human Resources do not automatically result in a probationary period extension. A faculty member must still submit a written request and provide satisfactory documentation.

Faculty members who receive an extension to the probationary period will not be subject to any additional expectations of scholarly productivity or any other increase in expectations due to the granting of that extension.