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9.2.2 Teaching Incentive Awards

Approved by Academic Council on February 14, 2002, Administration on April 24, 2002

The Teaching Incentive Awards are offered to assist faculty in gaining access to resources, training, and expertise that will have a direct impact on learning through increased teaching effectiveness.

The Committee for Academic Planning and Development (CAPD) selects recipients for teaching incentive awards twice yearly. Funds are awarded to University faculty and staff in the following areas:

  1. Travel grants support participation in workshops and conferences that further the faculty member’s professional development as a teacher. Applicant must show applicability of the travel for teaching purposes.
  2. Small project grants support the development or acquisition of innovative materials for teaching in discipline-specific or interdisciplinary programs. This includes classroom or protocol based research on learning, using new or innovative techniques or materials to introduce class concepts, or training faculty on new material or methods.
9.2.2.a Scope
9.2.2.b Eligibility