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9.3.4 Faculty Development Leave Proposals

Planning for a Leave should begin at least two years before the scheduled Leave date. Specific deadlines for the steps in this process are established each year by the Office of the Provost. The individual faculty member assumes the responsibility for planning the details of the individual Leave in a manner that is consistent with the objectives of the Program. In addition, a written Leave proposal must be submitted on a standard form which is aimed toward the evaluation of the outcomes of the Leave and is available from the Office of the Provost. That proposal must provide a rationale relating the individual faculty member’s goals and objectives during the leave to course offerings and academic responsibilities. The proposal should also illustrate leave activities that are intended to meet the Leave objectives. Proposals involving extensive travel should clearly indicate the direct effect that the travel activities will have on teaching and scholarship. Finally, the proposal must include a clear statement of the criteria by which the leave is to be evaluated.

A formal Leave proposal should be submitted for peer review in the fall of the year preceding the academic year in which the Leave is to be taken. Faculty interested in applying for external funding to support Leave activities are reminded that an eighteen to thirty-month lead-time is often required for proposals to be reviewed and for awards to be announced. This lead-time should be considered as one plans the timing of peer review of a proposal.