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11.24 Honor Code

Approved by the Faculty in 1958

Established in 1958, the Honor Code is intended to maintain and preserve the high standards of personal character and integrity vital in academic pursuits. The success of the Honor Code is made possible only with the acceptance and cooperation of every student. Each student is expected to maintain the principles of the Code.

A violation of the Honor Code may occur in one of the following areas:

  • Giving or receiving information from another student during an examination;
  • Using unauthorized sources for answers during an examination;
  • Illegally obtained test questions before the test;
  • Any and all forms of plagiarism1
  • The destruction and/or confiscation of school and/or personal property.

A violation is reported either:

  • To the professor involved, who will report it to the Dean of Students, or
  • To the Dean of Students.

Circumstances warranting, alleged violations are referred by the Dean of Students to the Joint University Judiciary for appropriate action.

1Plagiarism is the misrepresentation of another person's work as one's own.