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6.2.2 Admissions and Financial Aid Committee (F, S)

Approved by Academic Council on April 13, 2000

The Admissions and Financial Aid Committee is a Faculty Committee which reviews and recommends policies governing admissions to the undergraduate programs of the University. The Committee reviews and recommends policies for the awarding of financial aid to undergraduate students.

The Admissions and Financial Aid Committee shall have the following voting members:

Eight faculty elected by their Colleges and Schools for three-year overlapping terms distributed as follows:

  • Two faculty from the College of the Pacific, each from a different division of the three divisions of the College: Humanities, Natural Sciences and Social Sciences;
  • Six faculty representatives, one from each of the following professional schools: Benerd School of Education, Conservatory of Music, Eberhardt School of Business, School of Engineering, School of International Studies, Long School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences;

One student appointed by ASUOP;

The Director of Admissions;

The Director of Financial Aid;

The Associate Provost for Enrollment shall serve as an ex-officio non-voting member.

The Committee shall select a faculty member to chair the Committee.