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6.3.10 Institutional Effectiveness Committee

Approved by Academic Council and Administration on March 21, 2013

The Institutional Effectiveness Committee (IEC) is responsible for establishing policies and practices to support continuous improvement in academic programs, co-curricular and administrative units at the University of the Pacific. The IEC will assess the quality of completed program reviews and their associated action plans, use program reviews to identify ways the institution can leverage efficiencies and effectiveness, track progress on action plans, and evaluate the effectiveness of assessment processes and their impact on improving student outcomes.  The IEC will provide feedback to the Office of Institutional Effectiveness on: (1) Program review and institutional effectiveness training and (2) the transparent distribution of all program reviews and annual and summary reports to the Pacific community.

The Institutional Effectiveness Committee will:

  1. Design, implement and evaluate the program review model(s), guidelines, and processes for academic, administrative, and co-curricular programs and support units.
  2. Develop, implement, and assess the effectiveness of an annual report process.
  3. Identify opportunities to encourage collaboration and to reduce silos throughout the University to improve efficiency and effectiveness.
  4. Track progress on program action plans for two years after program review.
  5. Review and make recommendations, as appropriate based on an annual report produced by institutional effectiveness staff, on the status of Pacific's program reviews.

The membership of the IEC will be:

  • 5 faculty members (3 from the Stockton campus, 1 each from Sacramento and San Francisco) appointed by Academic Council. Faculty members will be appointed for three year terms.
  • 4 staff members (2 from the Stockton campus, 1 each from Sacramento and San Francisco) appointed by the President. Staff members are appointed for three year terms.
  • 2 students (1 undergraduate and 1 graduate) appointed by ASUOP for one year terms.
  • Ex-officio members: Executive Director of Institutional Effectiveness (chair), Senior Associate Director of Institutional Effectiveness, Director of Institutional Research, Director of Learning and Academic Assessment, and Director of Assessment and Student Development Services.