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6.3.5 Promotions and Tenure Committee (P&T) (J, U)

Approved by Academic Council, Faculty and Administration Spring, 2004

The Promotions and Tenure Committee (the Committee) is responsible for rendering recommendations to the Provost and to the President concerning cases of individual promotion and tenure.

The Committee will receive from the Provost the approved procedures for evaluations from each school and college, the list of persons from each unit eligible for consideration in a given year, and the recommendations for promotions and tenure from each unit.

The Provost is responsible for setting the timetable for actions on promotions and tenure in the schools and colleges and the Committee on Promotions and Tenure.

The Committee will review the actions of each unit to assure conformity to that unit's individually adopted procedures and standards and to University-wide procedures and standards.

In order to maintain consistent standards for promotions and tenure, the Committee may recommend changes in such procedures and standards to the individual units and to the Professional Relations Committee.

If a change in the standards occurs two years prior to the year of a candidate’s tenure and/or promotion review, the decision will be based on the new standards. Changes occurring less than two years prior will not apply.

With respect to individual cases, after all approved procedures for evaluation are completed in each school or college in accordance with the designated timetables, the Provost will bring to the Committee the recommendations from each Dean. The candidates have a right to review and respond to all information sent to the Promotion and Tenure Committee. The Committee will review each case. The Committee must report all recommendations to the Provost.

The Committee may recommend that promotion or tenure be granted, or it may return the matter to the forwarding unit for further consideration, documentation, or compliance with University procedures or standards; or it may recommend that promotion or tenure not be awarded.

If returned to the forwarding unit for further consideration and to the Committee, candidates have the right to review and respond to all information sent to the Promotion and Tenure Committee.

Should a candidate provide a written request for reasons for denial of tenure and/or promotion, the Provost will provide such reasons after consultation with the Promotion and Tenure Committee.

The candidate may request that the reasons be provided in writing. If so requested, the information will be provided in writing.

The Committee is composed of the following members:

  1. Seven Tenured faculty members chosen as follows:

    • Three from the College of the Pacific, one from each Division.
    • Four from the other Schools and Colleges and the Library, however no two of them shall be from the same School.

      The faculty members are nominated by the Professional Relations Committee and elected by the faculty at large for three year overlapping terms. No faculty member may be elected to serve for two consecutive terms. No school, other than College of the Pacific, may have consecutive representation.
  2. Two deans, appointed by the Provost; no dean may be appointed to serve two consecutive three year terms.
  3. One student appointed annually by the ASUOP President
  4. The Provost, or the Associate Provost, or the Assistant Provost is an ex-officio, non voting member.

The Committee shall elect its own chair from among the faculty members. The Chair shall have served on the Committee for at least one year. The Provost’s office will provide staff support for the Committee.