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7.9.2 Professional Misconduct

Professional misconduct is improper behavior of a serious nature that arises from, or is reasonably related to, the faculty member’s position, duties, or responsibilities with the University, or that demonstrably affects in a significant adverse way the effective performance of University functions.

Professional misconduct includes the following:

  1. dishonest, illegal, or unethical behavior in the faculty member's teaching, research, administrative, or service duties;
  2. preventing or obstructing University teaching, research, administrative, or service
    functions, or any other lawful function of the University;
  3. acts of unlawful discrimination or of sexual or other unlawful harassment; 
  4. neglect of University-related duties or responsibilities;
  5. other professional misconduct of a serious nature, including but not limited to, intentionally inflicting physical harm or other serious harm on a member of the University community, or knowingly violating a University policy regulating behavior of faculty members; and
  6. attempting to engage in, inciting another to engage in, or abetting, conduct which would violate paragraphs (a), (b), (c) or (e) above if engaged in by the faculty member. Investigation of Scholarly or Scientific Misconduct