• Print Investigation of Scholarly or Scientific Misconduct

Approved by Academic Council September 8, 2011; Administration September 11, 2012

The University Policy on Integrity and Responsible Conduct in Research and Scholarship can be obtained from the Office of the Provost and is available from the website. The following is an excerpt:

This policy outlines the educational requirement for faculty, staff and student investigators involved in research and creative scholarly activities at the University of the Pacific. Also, this policy outlines the procedures related to the investigation and findings for establishing whether or not scientific and or scholarly misconduct has occurred. Appropriate sanction, discipline, corrective action or other University response following a finding of misconduct shall follow normal faculty, administrative and student personnel procedures.

There are three stages for determining or precluding a finding of scholarly or scientific misconduct. They are an initial inquiry, an administrative review, and an investigation. These procedures are designed to afford confidential treatment where possible, to provide opportunities to comment on allegations and findings, and to provide protection to persons who report in good faith the perceived misconduct of others.

On each of the three campuses of the University, one tenured member of the full-time faculty will be designated by the Provost, in consultation with the Executive Board of the Academic Council, for a term of two (2) years, as the person to whom allegations of misconduct will be referred.