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Academic Council Committee Roster

Term Expires - 2017 Term Expires - 2018 Term Expires - 2019
John Livesey, PHS Robert Halliwell, PHS (fall 2016 replacement for C. Peterson) Alan Lenzi, COP
Nicolasa Kuster, MUS Xin Guo, PHS Shelly Gulati, ENG
Larry Langley, COP Monika Meler,  COP (2016-2018 replacement for J. Becker) Lydia Fox, COP
Linda Webster, EDU Balint Sztaray, COP Rachael Salcido, LAW
Sacha Joseph-Mathews, BUS Steven Sadowsky, DEN  Laura Bathurst, SIS (2016-17 replacement for S. Mathis)
Cindy Ostberg, COP (2016-17 replacement for P. Schroeder, COP) John Sims, LAW Ray Scott, DEN
Deepti Vyas, PHS Patricia Shands, MUS Marilyn Draheim, EDU
Kyle Watson, ENG TBD, ENG Jeff Miles, BUS
Shika Gupta, DEN (2016-17 replacement for Mark Geissberger, DEN)  Alan Gluskin, DEN Michelle Maloney, LIB
Lisa Wrischnik, COP Cathie McClellan, COP (2016-18 replacement for C. Dobbs) Jeff Becker, COP, Chair-Elect
Rahim Khoie, ENG, Past-Chair Sharmila King, COP, Chair  

Emeriti Society
Roland diFranco

Student Representatives
Madeleine Guekguezian, Undergraduate Student
TBD, Graduate Student

Pamela A. Eibeck, President Joel Lohr, Chaplain
Hector Escalante, Ombuds  

Ex-Officio Non-Voting
Maria Pallavicini, Provost Danielle Kelly, Athletics

Faculty Chairs of Schools/Colleges ~ Ex-Officio Non-Voting
Tien Roehling, ENG Susan Sample, SIS
Amy Brown, EDU Dan Ebbers, MUS (2015-16)
Dara Szylowicz, BUS Laura Rademacher, COP
John Livesey, PHS (2015-16) Des Gallagher, DEN
Julie Davies, LAW  Veronica Wells, LIB (through 2018)

Faculty Committee Chairs ~ Ex-Officio Non-Voting
Academic Affairs Committee Wade Russu, PHS
Admissions & Financial Aid Committee Burr Phillips, MUS
Committee for Academic Planning and Development (CAPD) Delores McNair, EDU
Committee on Graduate Studies Matt Normand, COP/Psychology (2015-16)
Council on Teacher Education TBD
Faculty Compensation Committee Eric Typpo, BUS (2015-16)
Grievance Committee TBD
Faculty Research Committee Dara, COP/Biological Sciences (2015-16)
General Education Committee Ryan Hill, COP/Biological Sciences
Library Committee Scott Larwood, ENG (2015-16)
Professional Relations Committee Stephanie Naumann, BUS
Student Academic Grievance Board Mark Brunell, COP/Biological Sciences (senior faculty member on Board)
University Awards Committee Todd Davenport, PHS/Physical Therapy
International Programs and Services Committee Susan Giraldez, COP
Technology in Education Committee Jeff Shafer, ENG
University Diversity Curriculum Committee Kris Alexanderson, COP/History