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February 14, 2013

Academic Council Meeting
Library Community Room
3:00 - 5:00 PM


Call to Order
I. Approval of Consent Agenda
A. December, 2012 Minutes
B. Handbook Revision 8.14.5 University Services of Benefit to Spouses and Domestic Partners of Deceased Emeriti
C. Handbook Revision 8.14.6 University Services of Benefit to Spouses and Domestic Partners of Deceased Emeriti Faculty and Administrators with Ten or More Years of Service
D. New Program: MS in Law
E. Faculty Representative for service on the Vice President of Student Life Selection Committee: Gene Pearson

II. Reports
A. Chairperson's Report (10 minutes)
i. New Faculty Development Activities for spring 2013
ii. Staff Council Meeting recommendation: Summer Hours Survey Report
iii. Board of Regents January 2013 Meeting
iv. Spring All-Faculty Meeting: February 26, 2013
v. President's Advisory Committee Meeting
vi. March Academic Council Meeting: March 21 in DUC 211
vii. Special BOR (Academic Affairs Committee)/AC meeting: March 28, 1-2 pm, location TBD
B. President's Report (10 minutes)
C. Provost's Report (10 minutes)

III. Executive Session
A. Approval of December, 2012 Executive Session Minutes
B. Honorary Degree Nomination

IV. Action Items
A. Department Name Change Proposal Form (5 minutes)
B. University Sexual Harassment Policy (10 minutes)
C. Handbook Revision 6.4.2 Judicial Review Board/Hearing Officer (5 minutes)
D. Handbook Revision 6.2.13 Student Academic Grievance Board and 11.26 Student Academic Grievance Policy and Procedures (10 minutes)
E. Handbook Addition 3.7.1 Policy on Administrative Relocation of Academic Units (15 minutes)
F. 2013-2014 Proposed Academic Calendar: Ann Gillen (10 minutes)

V. Information Items
A. IPC Report: Peg Ciccolella (15 minutes)
B. Staff Council Report (10 minutes)
C. Honor Code and Disability Statement Template (10 minutes)