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March 20, 2014

Academic Council Meeting
Library Community Room
3:00-5:00 pm

Call to Order

  I. Consent Agenda
       A. February 13, 2014 Minutes

 II. Reports
       A. Chairperson's Report [10 minutes]
       B. President's Report [10 minutes]
       C. Provost's Report [10 minutes]

III. Discussion on Reports [10 minutes]

 IV. Action Items
       A. FHB Revision 6.4.4 University Facilities Committee [10 minutes]
       B. Resolution of support Cal-Grant [10 minutes]

  V. Information Items
       A. Methodist Church - Pacific Connection [Patrick Day 5 minutes @ 3:55pm]
       B. Title IX Update [Patrick Day 15 minutes @ 4:00pm]
       C. Student Morale - from the student side [Marselus Cayton/ASUOP 10 minutes]

VI. What's On Your Mind? [10 minutes]