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May 10, 2001

May 10th, 2001
3:00 – 6:00 PM
Pine Room

1. Approval of the Minutes:

a) April 12th (Action)
b) April 26th (Action)

2. Chair’s Report

3. Elections

4. A Conversation with President Donald DeRosa

5. Diversity Hiring Plan: Assistant Provost Heather Mayne

6. 2001 Emeriti Faculty (Action)

7. Program Review:
a) Department of Theater Arts (material distributed for the 4/26/01 meeting) (Discussion/Action)
b) Department of Sociology (Discussion/Action)

8. Bylaws Section 6.2.3 Faculty Chair of a College or School (Action)

9. Intellectual Property Policy (Discussion)

10.Mission, Vision, Priorities (MVP) (Discussion/Action)

11. Honors Council (Action)

12. Four-Year Honors Program Pilot (Discussion/Action)

13. Other Business