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May 8, 2014

Academic Council Meeting
Library Community Room
3:00-5:00 pm

Call to Order

  I. Executive Session [30 minutes]
      A. Consent Agenda
             i. April 10, 2014 Minutes
            ii. April 17, 2014 Minutes [Executive Session]
           iii. Emeriti Approval
           iv. Academic Affairs spring 2014 Approval Log
            v. Ombudsman Search Committee Membership
                1. Approval for Harriett Arnold to serve for one semester as Emeriti
                2. Continuing action for Emeriti in place to serve out their terms (up to two years)
       B. Other action items pending

 II. Reports
       A. Chairperson's Report [10 minutes]
             i. Letter to President/Provost
            ii. Regent's Meeting Report
       B. President's Report [10 minutes]
       C. Provost's Report [10 minutes]
             i. Address Educational Effectiveness at Pacific
            ii. Any additional concerns 

III. Discussion on Reports [10 minutes]

IV. Action Items
       A. FHB Addition 6.3.12 University Assessment Committee - E. McFall [10 minutes]
       B. Honors Program Revision - L. Matz [10 minutes]
       C. BSE P & T Guidelines - H. Stevenson [15 minutes]

V. Information Items
       A. Faculty Workload Policy - C. Dobbs [20 minutes]

 VI. What's On Your Mind?

VII. Adjournment for Harriett's Goodbye // End of Year Party