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November 8, 2012

Academic Council Meeting
Library Community Room

Executive Session
3:00 - 3:30 PM

Regular Session
3:30 - 5:00 PM

Call to Order

I. Approval of Consent Agenda
A. Minutes from the October 11 Academic Council Meeting
B. Faculty Member serving on the Informal Ted & Chris Robb Garden Advisory Council
     a. Professor Laura Rademacher, COP/Earth & Environmental Sciences

II. Reports
A. Chairperson's Report (10 minutes)
B. President's Report (10 minutes)
C. Provost's Report (10 minutes)

III. Information Items
A. Pacific Health & Welfare Benefits (10 minutes)
B. Administrator/Faculty Ratio/IPC information (5 minutes)
C. Pacific Course Evaluation Online Project Status (5 minutes)

IV. Action Items
A. University Diversity Committee Recommendation to the President (5 minutes)
B. November Academic Affairs Report - Approved New/Revised Program Proposals (10 minutes)
     a. Accelerated BA/MBA for International Commerce Students (new)
     b. Bachelor of Science of Accounting/Master of Accounting Blended Degree Program (new)
     c. Bachelor of Science in Accounting (new)
     d. Master of Accounting (new)
     e. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration - Accounting Concentration (revision)

V. What's On Your Mind? (10 minutes)

VI. Chairperson's Report
A. Sexual Harassment Policy Feedback from the faculty
B. Academic Council Archives
C. Promotion and Tenure Committee Election Update
D. President's Advisory Committee Meeting ~ 11/6/2012
E. October Emeriti Society Meeting
F. Graduate Studies Committee Update