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April 10, 2008

Academic Council Meeting
Minutes of April 10, 2008
Universtiy of the Pacific

Library Community Room

Business: S. Joseph (p), L. Bangsund (p)
Conservatory: D. Ebbers (a), F. Rose (p)
College: M. Bates (a), L. Fox (p), S. Giraldez (a), B. Klunk (p), L. Koehler (a), D. Maxwell (a), C. Vierra (p), K. Whittington (a), Z. Zhou (p)
Dental: R. Cohan (p), B. Lundergan (p) J. Miles (a)
Education: D. Brennan (a), R. Oprandy (p)
Emeriti: R. di Franco (a)
Engineering: B. Ford (p), C.W. Lee (p)
Law: W. Jones (a), E. Telfeyan (a), K. Yelpaala (a)
Library: C. Hsieh (a)
Pharmacy: T. Little (p), J. Livesey (p), M. Susca (a)
SIS: S. Sample (p)
ASUOP: J. Foster (p)
Ex-Officio: P. Gilbertson (p), B. Gundersen (a), D. McNiel (a), J. Post (a) H. Trexler (p)
Guests: Steve Jacobsen, Lynn King, Cindy Spiro

1. Welcome
Chair Lydia Fox called the meeting to order at 3:04.

2. Approval of Minutes
Minutes for March 20, 2008 were approved with one correction. Deletion of Christine Wilson.

3. Chair's Report
Chair Fox congratulated colleague Francois Rose for premiering a piece at the Pacific Arts Woodwind Quintet. ASUOP representative Josh Foster was named as one of the top undergraduate fraternity members and honored in Washington. The undergraduate research initiative is moving forward, the next round will be for five summer fellowships. Students are encouraged to apply. The 8th annual Pacific Undergraduate Research and Creativity Conference will be May 3rd. Students will present there involvement in undergraduate research to the Board of Regents in the next few weeks.

The IT policy from last month's meeting was returned to ISPC, they are developing security standards. It will return at a later meeting. The implementation of Impluse is moving forward, since it is part of several policies.

4. Provost's Report
Provost Gilbertson informed the new Library Dean; Brigid Welch will begin June 1st. The university will extend the Conservatory Deans position; we were unsuccessful in the search. There will be three candidates in the following weeks for the Associate Provost for Enrollment position.

5. Emeriti Nominations
A memo from the Provost regarding Emeriti Nomination to Council was submitted.
Motion: F. Rose moved, J. Livesey seconded, Motion carried unanimously.

6. Report from Athletics
As part of a policy from the Regents committing to gender equity, Lynn King reported from Athletics. Athletics is composed of 70 faculty members, 16 division one sports program and about 300 student athletes. The vast majority of students are on partial scholarships or none at all. 50-60% of students maintain a 3.0 or better. The average each program raises is about.40-45% in funds externally for traveling, recruiting and equipment. The University has committed to 2 scholarships a year for the next five years to benefit the women's sports programs. One of the significant goals is to continue to move forward the women's programs to be more competitive. Every year Division 1 universities are evaluated, gender equity is a big piece of the review, and we have been certified without exception, as in past years. This year we have not been able to achieve the budget level that is needed to meet the plan specifically, in salaries. An annual review is done of the proportionality in the athletic programs of both men and women. The aspect of Title 9 calls for the number of student athletes to mimic the number of undergraduates at a university. We are currently at about 49% female athletes to 51% male athletes.

7. Revision of Honor Code Statement
No action.

8. New Dinning Presentation
Steve Jacobson presented the new Dinning Plan at the University Center, which will open in the summer. Each station will have its own register for shorter lines. Staff and Faculty will still use their Pacific Card. Students will have a meal plan on a "declining balance" so they can have more control of when, where and how they use their plan. "Dinning Dollars" can be used at any food venues i.e.: Market Place, The Lair, Calaveras Coffee House and the River Room, as well as the existing Health Sciences Café, Library Café and Tiger's Grocery. Faculty and Staff were asked to help in answering questions for new students during the first week of classes.

9. Committee Structures
There are 30+ University wide committees. A suggestion to combine or reduce the number of committees was discussed. Chair Fox will contact the following to committees, with hopes that Council may take action next month:

  • Combine Faculty Research Committee (FRC) and the Committee on Academic Planning and Development (CAPD).
  • Combine Academic Facilities Improvement Committee and University Facilities Committee.
  • Experiential Learning Oversight Committee (ELOC) and Academic Affairs to see if we have developed the criteria for ELOs enough that their oversight function can be taken over by Academic Affairs.
  • Contact the Professional Relations Committee to have them develop proposed handbook changes that will: Combine the functions of the Grievance Committee, Student Academic Grievance Committee and Student-Faculty Advocate Boards into a single committee.
  • Change the faculty involvement on the University Awards Committee and Convocation Speakers Committee to the AC Executive Board rather than as separate elected committees.

10. Adjournment
Meeting adjourned at 5:01 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Victoria Oliva,
Academic Council Secretary