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April 13, 2000

University of the Pacific
Academic Council

April 13, 2000
McGeorge School of Law, Sacramento Campus

Meeting Summary

1. Gerald Caplan, Dean of McGeorge School of Law welcomed the Council to the Sacramento campus.

2. The Minutes of the March 9, 2000 were approved with the addition of the full text of the changes to the Non-discrimination Policy.

3. Chair's report:
Chair Snell reported on the recent meeting of the Board of Regents which was held on the Sacramento campus. He distributed a printed version of his remarks to the Regents. He commented that the Regents meeting was upbeat and very productive. Regents were very enthusiastic about the progress the University has made.

4. Provost's Report:
Provost Gilbertson reported on the positive outcome of the WASC site visit and affirmed Chair Snell's remarks about the Regents meeting. He reported that beginning this September, annual salary increases will begin in September rather than January. He also reported that the Board had awarded an honorary degree to Iola Brubeck and that Dr. Kevin Starr, California State Librarian, would be the convocation speaker.

5. IPC Report, David Brock, Lydia Fox:
Chair Gilbertson provided the IPC report. IPC is beginning a review of the Campus Master Plan and the development of new facilities. There will be a day long retreat in June to begin the process of reviewing and modifying the University Mission, Vision and Priorities statements. Work this summer will include analysis of budget assumptions. Input from the campus community is welcomed by IPC members.

6. What's on your mind?
(10 minutes) Frank Gevurtz introduced two new members of Council, Christina Manolakas and Warren Jones, who will represent the McGeorge School of Law next year replacing Frank Gevurtz and George Gould. Roland diFranco reported that ITPC reviewed the incomplete renovations to electronic classrooms that had left some in "bomb shelter" condition. Walt Zimmerman asked how the University is estimating student increases in enrollment for planning assumptions. Craig Hawbaker stated that he was pleased to see that monies had been allocated for remodeling of the library. Provost Gilbertson indicated that a recent study had indicated that our library has only 1/3 of the seating capacity recommended for a University the size of Pacific.

7. A conversation with Jonathan Meer, Vice President for Institutional Advancement:
Chris Snell introduced Vice President Meer who joined the campus community in mid March. Vice President Meer reviewed what he had already learned about the operations of his Division and some of the changes his is planning to implement including methods to increase alumni involvement and participation rates. He responded to a number of questions raised by Council members.

8. A Conversation with Pat Cavanaugh, Vice President for Finance:
Vice President Cavanaugh distributed information of budget issues and information on the CEFA bond issue the University is developing to help fund a new residential complex next to the Cowell Health Center and other facilities on the campus.

9. Information Resources Security Policy:
Both the Accountability Policy and the Access Control Policy were approved as distributed. The Remote Access Policy was tabled after concerns over the use of "remote connections" were raised by Peter Meyer.

10. University Faculty Handbook:
The Procedure for Approval and Amendment of Policies was approved as distributed. The section on the Selection and Evaluation of Administrators was tabled because of time constraints.

11. Chair Snell thanked Greg Weber
, Council representative from the McGeorge School of Law, for organizing the meeting. He also thanked Bob Dash, professor of Spanish Language, for driving the bus from the Stockton campus. The meeting was adjourned at 5:12pm.