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April 22, 1999

University of the Pacific
Academic Council
April 22, 1999
Meeting Summary

1. Council Elections - The Chair distributed a DRAFT ballot and encouraged members to seek additional nominations or self nominate and contact a member of the Executive Board before May 10.

2. What's On Your Mind? Tom Nelson raised concerns about the many gas blowing leaf blowing machines on campus. Bob Cox indicated that the gardeners are given training regarding their use.

3. The Chair announced that all faculty ballots regarding changes adding references to General Education to the promotion and tenure guidelines had been tabulated and that the revision passed by a wide margin.

4. Emeriti Faculty. The Council voted to approve the list of proposed Emeriti faculty presented by the Provost.

5. Recommendation from the Academic Affairs Committee - Completion of Second Degrees. Larry Spreer, Chair of the Academic Affairs Committee reviewed the proposal for the Council. Herb Reinelt questioned why students who had already graduated would still need to take an additional 32 units. Ed Pejack raised questions about the timing of the completion and
what "simultaneous" meant when you had one class remaining. The proposal was approved as presented.

6. Recommendation from the Academic Affairs Committee - Program Review

  • Department of Psychology, College of the Pacific - TABLED

7. Dean of Libraries Jean Purnell reviewed the time table for the upcoming WASC review and indicated where and when faculty input would most be needed.

8. Integration of Information Technology and Libraries. Dick Vargo, Chair of the Library Committee, reviewed concerns and benefits that committee members felt might result from the integration of the two units. Dean of Libraries Jean Purnell and Associate Provost/CIO Lynn Kubek address the concerns raised by the Library Committee. After considerable discussion the Council passed a resolution recognizing the role of the Library in delivering Information Technology, encouraging continued discussions between the Dean and CIO but also raising areas of continued concern. The resolution passed unanimously.

9. Restructuring of University College, Lifelong Learning and Summer Sessions - Dean Barbara Shaw reviewed the restructuring proposal in the document that had been distributed to council members. Concerns were raised regarding the status of University College (apparently closed when the proposal receives final approval) and where the Organizational Behavior major would be housed and how it would be administered. Questions were raised regarding how input from current University College students had been gathered and the status of the University College graduation ceremony when the proposal receives final approval. No action was taken on the proposal.

The Chair adjourned the meeting at 17:15 PDT.