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April 8, 1999

University of the Pacific
Academic Council
April 8, 1999
Meeting Summary

1. Chair's Report - The Chair reminded Council members that the next Council meeting will be on April 22. April 22 is also Founders Day and faculty are encouraged to participate. Faculty are encouraged to attend the luncheon as the guest of the Provost. The University will honor 20 retiring faculty at the Retirement Dinner on April 28.

The Chair shared feedback concerning the Student-to-Student Sexual Assault/Harassment Policy from Professors at McGeorge School of Law with Dean of Students Bill Barr. A revised document will be prepared which does not include mandatory reporting by faculty and staff.

Executive Board is seeking Council members willing to serve of Program Review Panels for School of Dentistry, Mathematics/Chemistry and Economics/Sociology. The Chair and Chris Snell, chair-elect, will be attending the Board of Regents meeting in Sacramento next week.

2. Provost's Report - The Provost congratulated the faculty and administration of McGeorge School of Law on the outcome of their recent accreditation visit. The review team was especially complimentary of the teaching faculty. The report was a "ringing affirmation of the excellence of the programs at McGeorge School of Law. The Provost also reviewed the status of the budget for the Academic unit of the University. Several problems surfaced with this years budget and they are being addressed.

In response to questions from David Keefe, School of International Studies, the Provost reported that the University had contracted with Clear Ink in Walnut Creek to develop the website and responded that the University was in the final stages of negotiation with Dell Computer regarding the laptop computer initiative. Year One (1999) will involve the first-year students in the School of Pharmacy and some faculty. Year Two (2000) is slated to include include the next entering class of Pharmacy students, first-year Dental students and additional faculty.

3. IPC Report - Lydia Fox reported that the budget priorities had been submitted to President DeRosa. IPC is now working on priorities for the next budget cycle.

At approximately 3:30pm Chair Pearson called the meeting to order as a quorum of Council members were now present.

4. The Minutes of the March 11, 1999 meeting were approved.

5. At the request of Ron Hoverstad, Chair of the Graduate Studies Committee the recommendation from the Professional Relations Committee and the Graduate Studies Committee regarding revised membership of the Graduate Studies Committee was withdrawn from the agenda.

6. Deborah Kallman, Internal Auditor provided an update of Y2K issues at the University. She is currently conducting an inventory of computers and other equipment with embedded chips as well as Mac and PC operating systems and software applications. She has recommended that the University hire an outside consultant to present issues to senior administrators. The University has set aside $250,000 to address potential Y2K problems. In addition $25,000 has been set aside at both the McGeorge School of Law and the School of Dentistry. She urged faculty to contact her if they were aware of any equipment that might need modification.

7. The Council reviewed the Ethnic Studies minor, a joint program with CSU Stanislaus, which was approved by the Academic Affairs Committee.

8. The Council reviewed the Program Review Panel's report on the Eberhardt School of Business. Professor Joe King, School of Engineering and Chair of the Panel, responded to concerns from Council members. The Council voted to accept the report noting concerns with recommendations #1 hire a placement officer (university review in consultation with the Career and Internship Center should take place before an action is taken on this recommendation), #4 provide more GE courses (concern that Mentor Seminar needs be met before adding new GE courses and #6 enforce admissions and retention standards.

The Council reviewed the Program Review Panel's report on the Benerd School of Education. Acting Dean Richard Turpin, a member of the Panel, responded to concerns from Council members. The Council voted to accept the report of the Panel.

9. The Council voted to approve the proposed charge and membership of the new Computer Laboratory Coordinators Committee.

10. Football Review Committee - Chair Pearson reported that a number of options would be presented to the campus community on April 16 or 19. The Review Committee will schedule a series of meetings to obtain feedback from the University community before presenting a final recommendation to the President. The Council directed the Executive Board to develop a survey to obtain feedback from faculty concerning the options. The Council decided to schedule a special Council meeting to discuss the options and possible Council actions.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:15pm.