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April 8, 2010

Academic Council

April 8, 2010
Library Community Room
3:00 - 5:00pm

C. Eakin (a), E. Typpo (a)
Conservatory: F. Hsaio (p), P. Langham (a)
College: M. Bates, (p), S. Giraldez (p), M. Hatch (a), J. Lessard (p), P. Meyer (p), Cynthia Ostberg (p), T. Storch (p), E. Thomas (p), C. Vierra (p)
Dental: L. Giusti (p), D. Horlak (p), J. Miles (p)
Education: H. Arnold (p), D. Brennan (p)
Emeriti: R. di Franco (p)
Engineering: H. Estrada (p), C. Lee (p)
Law: G. Caplan (a), E. Telfeyan (a), K. Yelpaala (p)
Library: S. Sutton (a)
PHS: X. Guo (a), L. Norton (p), C. Peterson (p), K. Salamon (a), M. Susca (a)
SIS: A. Richard (p)
ASUOP: S. Hogan (a)
Ex-Officio: P. Gilbertson (p), B. Gundersen (a), H. Trexler (p), G. Rohlf (a)
Observer: D. McNiel (a)

Call to order: 3:02 pm

1. Approval of Minutes
L. Norton moved to approve the March 4 & 25 2010 minutes; approved with 2 corrections.

2. Chair's Report 
A Sightlines online survey has been created due to the poorly attended focus groups. The Council was asked to forward the survey to all colleagues for input. Sightlines will use the information to complete their analysis on how academic space is used.

C. Peterson shared a draft report that will be presented to the Board of Regents in the coming weeks. The report lists items that Academic Council has accomplished as well as items that are in progress. A more in depth presentation will be shared with the Regents Academic Affairs committee.

The WASC evaluation team presented 10 commendations and 10 recommendations for future action. Some items commended Pacific's general education program, accelerated programs and strong budgeting and fiscal management. Some of the recommendations focused on student learning outcomes, student success, and improving best practices.

The team commended the university for our honesty and forthright in preparing the self assessment; the general education program for their model program that all universities should emulate; faculty dedication to students and student learning; the experiential learning program including the international lawyer ship and international dental faculty training programs; the innovative accelerated programs; the institutional learning wide objectives and outcomes; strong student enrollment; conservative fiscal management and budgeting; culture of learning and assessment in student life and managing change very well.

Recommendations included examining best practices with respect to the Board of Regents leading Pacific to the future; to fill all leadership positions; strategically prioritize the initiatives; grow the faculty, control class size, provide release time for pre tenure faculty, support faculty mentoring in undergraduate research and provide time for scholarship; further develop program assessment particularly in the college; support diversity of students through financial aid and support for transfer students; establish a cultural of assessment throughout the entire university; develop strategies and policies to support centers and institutions to promotes sustainability; standardize rank tenure and promotion practices and establish equitable applications, monitor carefully the growth of administrative positions.

The team will submit their report, WASC will then write an action letter to the university.

President Eibeck would like to participate in Council meeting with ex-officio status, provide a five minute report and be part of discussions. After discussion, M. Bates moved to grant ex-officio status to President Eibeck on Council, C. Ostberg seconded, unanimously approved.

3. Provost's Report
The Provost provided information on Interim Provost Pat Ferrillo. Dean Ferrillo was the youngest dean when appointed dean of the dental school in Illinois. Pat has over 25 years of administrative experience at 3 intuitions. He is an exceptional leader, visionary person, high energy and operates in a open style.

Cabinet discussed the WASC team's question regarding the follow up site visit, the Educational Effectiveness Review (EER) in fall 2011. It would be preferable to postpone the visit for spring 2012; it would give 3 full semesters of assessment results and provide additional time to the essay writers for the EER report.

The Provost will investigate why transition of student emails to Google was not well communicated and made clear to faculty.

4. What's on Your Mind?
It was suggested for Council to review and update the handbook to make it consistent with changes that the university has undergone. It would benefit the Council and the university to correct, the last major revision to the handbook was more than 10 years ago.

5. Task Force Final Recommendations
The Exec Board helped identify the final task force recommendations, if approved by Council the recommendations will go to PAC and then to the Board of Regents. The recommendations are to promote greater participation in University governance, the interpretation of the qualitative and quantitative data analyses suggests the following: decrease the number of University-wide committees, decrease the representative requirements of University-wide committees, examine the expectations of service as described in the Faculty Handbook, and performance thereof, in performance reviews (annual, assistant to associate, associate to full, and post-tenure) and examine allocation of resources to promote and support engagement in the most time-consuming service endeavors. The recommendations were approved by all with 1 abstention.

6. Elections
The ballot included a faculty representative to serve on the Provost Search Committee and for a chair-elect to serve for Academic Council. A representative is also needed to serve on the search committee for the VP for development. After discussion, Linda Norton self nominated herself to serve on the search committee, Council unanimously approved.

7. Law faculty tenure and promotion revision
Agenda item will be postponed for May meeting.

8. Next Meeting 
C. Peterson invited all Council members to attend a special reception honoring Kojo for his leadership to Academic Council in CTL after the May 13 meeting.

9. Adjourned 3:55 pm