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February 11, 1999

University of the Pacific
Academic Council
February 11, 1999
Meeting Summary (Minutes will be distributed with the March agenda)


1. Minutes of the January, 21 1999 meeting were approved as distributed.

2. Chair's Report - The Chair reminded the Council that the March 11 meeting will be held in Room D-121 at the School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. To facilitate action on this years Program Review reports the Executive Board has requested that an additional Council meeting be scheduled for April 22. Linda Norton of the School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences and George Randels of the COP Department of Religious Studies have agreed to co-chair the ad hoc Committee to explore linking Professional Schools and Liberal Arts through Ethical Studies. Recently elected members of the Committee for the Coordination of Academic Planning and Development include Jim Mansoor, School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Jeff Miles, Eberhardt School of Business, and Linda Webster, Benerd School of Education.

3. Provost's Report - The Provost congratulated the faculty and staff of the Eberhardt School of Business on the successful completion of their recent accreditation review. The accreditation site team confirmed orally that the school would be recommended to the AACSB Board for renewed accreditation for a ten-year period. The Provost summarize the office relocation plans including the move of the COP Department of English to the first floor of South Hall, Human Relations and Institutional Advancement to Hand Hall, the COP Communication Department to Knoles Hall, Continuing Education to the Tower, the possible move of the Pacifican to Philosophy Lodge and the relocation of the COP Department of Computer Science to a yet-to-be-determined location.

The Provost reported that the General Education Committee was close to recommending a candidate to replace retiring Director John Smith and outlined the Presidential initiative to forge closer working relationships with the community that would benefit regional development.

4. Deborah Kallman described her position of Internal Auditor. She indicated that she has been involved with audits of the Forty-niner Project, the Feather River Inn, the Bookstore and is currently working on an audit of the Office of Institutional Advancement. As internal auditor, she reports to the Board of Regents through their Finance Committee. She encouraged faculty as well as other members of the University community to bring areas of concern to her attention.

5. Football Issue - update/discussion Ken Beauchamp, COP - Psychology and Chair of the Review Committee, outlined the steps that the Committee was following and the point at which open discussion and input would occur. (A Special meeting of the Academic Council will likely be scheduled for the first week in March.). Herb Reinelt, COP - Philosophy, asked who requested the study. Provost Gilbertson indicated that the Regents were interested in resolving the issue at this time. Chair Beauchamp indicated that the four options under consideration were Division I-A with less than 85 scholarships, Division I-AA with less than 63 scholarships, Division I-AA with no scholarships and Division I-AAA (no football). Additional background information is on reserve at the UOP library and also available on the Council Web site -
David Keefe, School of International Studies, moved that the Academic Council request the Internal Auditor to investigate and report on the full annual costs of the UOP football program which existed until a few years ago. Motion passed.

6. IPC Report - Dave Fletcher, School of Engineering and member of IPC, outlined the proposed budget recommendations and requested faculty input. [Faculty input must be received before February 26.] Craig Hawbaker, Library, asked for clarification regarding Special Needs 1-6. Dave Fletcher stated that they were listed in priority order. Audree O'Connell asked whether IPC would have input on the football issue. The Provost reported that IPC had not yet been involved but that such input is expected by the President. J. David Brock, Conservatory, asked what would happen in the second year if monies for the Brubeck Institute were not developed. The Provost stated he was optimistic that fund would be developed within a reasonable length of time. Herb Reinelt asked about the restoration of operating budgets. The Provost stated that individual units were addressing the issue independently. The Provost indicated that the Deans had discussed the IPC recommendations and requested that the Deans be consulted before early fall review of budget decisions in the event that projected enrollment figures do not materialize.

7. Open Forum - What's on your mind? (10 minutes) David Keefe, School of International Studies, asked whether the change in the starting of the NFL season and the presence of the Forty-niners training camp would impact the campus. The Chair reported that University officials were aware of the issue and working to resolve conflicts. Roland diFranco, COP - Mathematics, raised a concern about the proposed new sign on Pershing Avenue. Allison Friedman, Intercollegiate Athletics, stated that the sign would fit with the campus image and showcase the new logo. Dick Etlinger, Conservatory, asked if the was any additional information on the campus impact of the Promise Keeper Conference in September. Bob Cox, COP English, inquired about the proposed seminar at the time of the Promise Keepers Conference. Provost Gilbertson stated that he had scheduled a meeting with Vice President Chambers to begin the planning process.

8. Recommendation from the Professional Relations Committee - University Marshal - Dennis Brennan, Benerd School of Education and Chair of the Professional Relations Committee presented the recommendation regarding the University Marshal and Associate University marshal. Both the position descriptions and implementation process were approved. The Professional Relations Committee also nominated Audree O'Connell to replace Dick Turpin, Acting Dean of the School of Engineering, on the University Awards Committee. The Council voted to elect Audree O'Connell to the University Awards Committee.

9. Student-to-Student Sexual Assault/Harassment Policy - The Chair reported that McGeorge School of Law faculty members John Sims, Julie Davis and Brian Landsberg have agreed to review the document. John Sims recommends that the Policy not be implemented until a careful review of mandatory reporting be conducted.

10. Information Technology Initiatives

  • Committee on Computing and Information Technology - Roland diFranco stated that the Academic Computing Committee had discussed the draft and would like to modify the charge and membership and clarify the relationship of the proposed Committee with other Committees involved with computer use and information technology. A revised draft will be presented for action at the March meeting.
  • Role of the Library in Information Technology - Jean Purnell, Dean of Libraries and Lynn Kubeck, CIO, outlined the proposed new administrative structure and role of the library in information technology which was summarized in their December 7, 1998 Memorandum to the Council. Both expressed the desire to build on the projects that had already begun in the Library including the Information Commons and the CTLT. David Keefe raised concerns about the proposed structure and the faculty status of the Librarians. Provost Gilbertson stated that all hiring and promotion and tenue decisions would involve a three-way discussion between the Provost, CIO and Dean of the Libraries. Dean Purnell stated that she was currently developing information on other Libraries where similar administrative structures exist. Craig Hawbaker, Library, stated that the Library faculty had met with the Dean and CIO at least twice and were comfortable with their handling of the situation but raised concerns should either depart and what would happen when new administrators were hired. Roland diFranco stated that this was why a more permanent structure needed to be clarified. Greg Weber, McGeorge School of Law, asked about the connection of Law School Library and how many layers of administrators would need to be consulted before a decision could be made. The Provost stated that currently UOP allocates about 3% of its operating budget to computers and information technology. At many comparable institutions the expenditures range from 5% to 10% of the budget.
  • Report from the Wake Forest catalyst group - The report from the Wake Forest team had been distributed with the agenda. Jean Purnell, Dean of Libraries, reported the ongoing work of the Wake Forest Group and CTLT. Roland diFranco stated that controversy concerning the laptop proposal should not cloud the widespread support for putting in place support mechanisms and faculty training regarding information technology issues.

11. Handbook Update - Roland diFranco distributed a document outlining the status of the Handbook revisions and the method of approval for individual sections.

The meeting adjourned at 5:11pm