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February 8, 2001

Meeting Summary
February 8, 2001

1. The minutes of the November 16 meeting were amended and approved. The minutes of the December 14 meeting were approved as distributed.

2. Chair's Report: Chair Kelly reported that she had attended both the final meeting of the National Commission and also the Regent's meeting in January. She encouraged council members to review the Commission reports and reminded members that all curricular recommendations would go through normal university processes for approval. Chair Kelly also stated that she will be attending the Regent's Retreat in April when the Commission Report will be discussed. She asked that you contact her with any feedback. She encouraged council members who had attended the Administrative Retreat in January to share the results and seek input from faculty colleagues in their units. Chair Kelly reported that she had met with Regent Kautz, Chair of the Regent's Academic Affairs Committee. Regent Kautz has requested that the Program started by Council Chair Audrey O'Connell which encouraged Regent's to visit classes be reestablished this Spring. Finally, Chair Kelly reminded council members that the April meeting will be held in Room D121 of the Long School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences.

3. LL.M in Government and Public Policy: Dean Gerald Kaplan and Professor Clark Kelso presented the proposed LL.M. in Governance and Public Policy Degree. Professor Kelso stated that the degree program was an outgrowth of the McGeorge School of Law highly successful certificate program in governmental affairs. Most students in the new degree program will be involved with internships as part of the program. The only similar degree program is one offered in Washington D.C. Professor Kelso indicated that the proposed degree program had gone through all the appropriate committee and faculty review at McGeorge. Professor Kelso and Dean Kaplan answered questions from council members. Council member Brierton, Council representative on the McGeorge Program Review Panel indicated that the panel would look favorably on such a program because of its distinctive nature. Council voted to approve the new degree program.

4. Provost's Report: Provost Gilbertson updated the council on the administration of OISR until a new CIO is selected. He stated that Bob Paulsen was supervising the Enterprise area and Assistant Provost and Dean of Libraries Jean Purnell was supervising the Academic Computing area. The Provost reported that the opening event of the Sesquicentennial celebration had been a major success. Over 750 people many supporters or soon-to-be supporters of Pacific attended. The Provost indicated that the University was likely very close to naming a Director of the Brubeck Institute. The Provost complemented David Brock and the Conservatory and Theater Arts students and faculty that represented the University in the regional Theater Competition in Fresno last Saturday. If it is determined (in three weeks) that they were the best in the region, the cast will be invited to perform in New York. Finally the Provost reported on the production of a Prospectus to be used in a preliminary Feasibility Study for the next capital campaign. The consultant involved in the study is assessing donor interest in various projects.

5. IPC Report - David Brock: Professor Brock reported to Council that the IPC Budget recommendations will be distributed shortly. He reported that it had been a very difficult process this year and many worthy projects were not recommended for funding. Professor Brock also reported that IPC was in the final stages of completing a second draft of the new MVP statement. This revised statement will be distributed to faculty before March 1st.

Provost Gilbertson indicated that a number of items needed to be addressed and that no one on IPC was happy that only one faculty position [Biological Sciences] was being recommended for inclusion in the budget. The Provost stated that the energy situation in California might cost the University an additional $300K. Other items in the budget recommendation include approximately $350K for staff compensation, some of which will be used for longevity increases recognizing valuable contributions and loyalty of long time staff members. Medical and dental programs will cost the University an additional $800K and various technology initiatives including stabilizing the campus network, yearly access fees for Internet upgrades and the SunRay project will add significant costs to the budget.

6. What's On Your Mind? Past Council Chair Chris Snell updated the council on the Taskforce he chairs which is developing the next phase of the Faculty Salary Plan. The Taskforce plans to survey faculty concerning level of satisfaction with current compensation, interest in connecting compensation to workload, and compensation issues involved in hiring and retaining high quality faculty. Professor Gene Pearson announced that two candidates for the Vice President for Student Life will likely visit campus prior to Spring Break.

7. Handbook Policies: Section 4.6 Search and Selection Procedures for Senior Administrators was approved with minor wording modifications. Section 10 General University Academic Policies and procedures was approved with minor wording revisions.

8. The meeting was adjourned at 4:50pm.