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February 9, 2012

Academic Council
February 9, 2012, 3pm
McGeorge Room S4/5


Business: J. Post (p), P. Hilsenrath (p)
Conservatory: F. Hsiao (p), B. Phillips (p)
College: M. Bates (p), S. Giraldez (p), C. Goff (p), K. Holland (p), C. Lehmann (p), J. Lu (p), L. Rademacher (p), C. Snell (p), T. Storch (a), B. Swagerty (p), L. Wrischnik (a)
Dental: L. Giusti (p), J. Miles (p), R. White (p)
Education: H. Arnold (p), T. Nelson (a), L. Webster (p)
Emeriti: R. di Franco (p)
Engineering: C. Lee (p) C. Mathews (p)
Law: G. Caplan (p), W. Jones (a), M. Vitiello (p)
Library: S. Sutton (p)
PHS: S. Carr-Lopez (a), X. Guo (p), T. Phelan (p), J. Ward-Lonergan (p)
SIS: A. Kanna (p)
ASUOP: tbd
Ex-Officio: P. Eibeck (p), M. Pallavicini (p), B. Gundersen (a), D. Neault (p)
Guests: Ann Gillen, Gene Pearson, Holly Trexler, Brittany Lloyd, Pete Schroeder

Call to order: 3:03pm

Law School Dean Elizabeth Rindskopf Parker welcomed Academic Council to Sacramento.

1. Approval of Minutes for December 8, 2011
J. Miles moves to approve, R. diFranco seconds, motion passes with two abstentions.
Confidential minutes put on Sakai for voting members only: B. Swagerty moves to approve, Xin Guo seconds, motion passes.

2. Chair's Report - C. Goff
Updates: All Faculty Meeting at McGeorge Monday the 13th from 12:15-1:30. Omar Dajani will be speaking about the law school, WASC, and strategic planning. WASC visit scheduled for April 2-4, with a tentative faculty forum scheduled for April 3rd from 12-1 pm. The second strategic planning symposium which focused on ‘big ideas' is coming forward for further input at open forums where faculty will be invited to share. The Governor is proposing to cut Cal Grants to undergraduate students, from UC level [correction: from ~$9700, less than UCs] to Cal State level. Loss of about $4K a year to students. There is a coordinated Pacific strategy and Chris is on the committee. He is coordinating a faculty response and offering support for the strategy. Malik Rahman announced that UOP does have a site license for the latest Microsoft Office software and it can be installed on all computers. Harriett Arnold, chair-elect will be sending out a call for nominations for committee positions and we are encouraging self-selection. This year's election is expected to be held on-line. We are hoping to begin use of a Consent Agenda in March, to include handbook changes, and minutes. Items may be pulled by members of committee for discussion. Harriett and Chris will be contacting committee chairs to reinstitute, per the handbook, chair-elect positions. There have been problems with transitions with committees that do not have this position in place. Also interested in action items for council to be brought forward. Expect items from committees for the March Academic Council meeting. B. Klunk (WASC) will also be on the agenda for the March meeting. R. diFranco asked if one person could request an item to be removed from the consent agenda. Per M. Bates - no motion required. However, Chris would like to know prior to meeting. Suggestion that chair-elects for committees be selected during the middle of the semester. New members on Academic Council should be in place for the April meeting.

3. President's Report - P. Eibeck
Congratulate AC on shared meeting. The Dugoni campus members are at the Sacramento location today. Thanks to faculty for participating in the recent Saturday Strategic Planning symposium. Impressed with work of SP committee as well. Report on Cal Grant issue: not good news for the university. This would be a significant 44% cut. Many students may need to drop out of private universities, and attend public school. Public schools are limiting their enrollments. Cal Grants were originally established by state to enable students to attend private universities. This will lead to a less educated population. From a university perspective, this is of significant budget impact. If we were to fill the gap for the students it would be a $5.7 million budget investment. We are not able to do this. Looking at ways to help, but we could not cover it all. Especially looking to help Juniors/Seniors at UOP. Currently Pat Cavanaugh is modeling to make predictions. They will be sharing this at the next IPC. She has asked for a $4 million contingency, to put away to protect students and the institution. We will have a significantly smaller budget as a result. She will take different budget scenarios to the April Regents Meeting. Unknown impact regarding freshman enrollment. We currently match Cal Grants, sometimes more is awarded, loans, jobs complete package. We have approximately 1350 students (1/3 of undergraduate population) that receive Cal Grants. We are the largest in peer group in California, most are about 25%. Suggestion to charter bus for a peaceful protest to the capitol. AICCU organization is coordinating efforts, we are the closest campus to Sacramento, March 7th is date for rally at the Capitol. McGeorge Alumni living in Sacramento, Senator Corbett, Assembly Member Gorell, Senator Evans, we will be asking for their support.

Is the University looking at cost-cutting measures and increased efficiency? Yes, this is a short term issue (Cal Grants), mid-term (efficiency/productivity). Current proposals will most likely be temporary, not long-term.

4. Provost Report - M. Pallavicini
Personnel updates: Jay Mootz, Dean of law school has been hired. No information on the other dean searches. Vice Provost Dean search, chaired by Lynn Beck, they have narrowed field to eight candidates, phone interviews will be conducted and then have 3-4 come out in early March. Lou Matz has been hired as Assistant Provost for University Wide Programs. The other two part-time positions for international affairs and academic affairs, are being delayed until the vice-provost is aboard, as they will report to that position. Institutional Effectiveness director search, Cyndi Eakin, is the chair and there are eight candidates. This is a key position for the university. WASC currently planning schedule for site visit: looking at student success, budget and finances, program review, and integration of the three campuses. They will be looking at program reviews that were done in the past. Eight program self-studies were turned in in the fall. They will be reviewed according to old criteria, IE Committee will be reviewing these, and getting information back to units. IEC meeting weekly, developing guidelines for future program reviews, self-studies and annual templates. Process has been put in place. Preparing a statement for provost newsletter on the importance of program review. In process of reorganizing the Provost website. She met with the Academic Affairs committee to respond to WASC regarding credit hours, auditing within different schools, working with deans. Definitions of courses also (by type). Our Faculty Handbook states that a credit hour is 15 hours /15 wks. We may have issues with WASC on our on-line hybrid courses. In process of preparing addendums for WASC re: retention, financial aid and retention of students, faculty workload report from perspective of deans. Provost website is in process of being reorganized: Gender report, faculty salary comparisons with peers on site next week. Regarding strategic planning, thanks for attending the symposium, the committee meets weekly for two hours. Cabinet is having a retreat on strategic planning. Forums are being planned at all 3 campuses, will meet with alumni, stakeholders and employers. Everything regarding strategic planning is on the president's website, we are on schedule.

5. Law Faculty Report - M. Vitiello
The new dean of the law school, Jay Mootz, is in place and he has an office on campus, already attending meetings. They are expecting an effective and smooth transition. Jay Mootz is coming from UNLV where he was an associate dean. There are admission challenges during this recession for law schools around the country. They are looking for a new admissions director; Rob Alexander is on this committee. There is an upcoming conference on campus open to all, celebrating 25 years of Justice Kennedy on the court, on April 6th. Colleagues from Business school on campus, to explore relationships between the two campuses. Recent renovations on campus: McGeorge House, and Courtroom renovations due to ABA inspection scheduled for next year and to insure ADA compliance.

6. Handbook Revision: 6.2.11 Library Committee
The library committee has put forward a change to allow representation from the dental and law schools on University Library Committee. They also removed ambiguous language regarding "professional" schools.
M. Bates moves to approve, S. Giraldez seconds.
Discussion: this committee had been a Stockton only committee, are they going to focus on dental and law now? Per Provost, there has been a change with the management of the dental school library and that is why Dental School representation is necessary. Why the law school? Law school library not integrated with Stockton. Suggestion to change language in first sentence "the library" as we are moving to a different view of the library. Law school would like more discussion, speaking against requirement to be on committee if not impacted. Suggestion to have Library Dean attend meeting and discuss with Committee as well.
M. Vitiello moves to table, R. DiFranco seconds, motion to table approved.

7. Handbook Revision: 6.2.10 GE Committee
This revision was submitted by the GE Committee and is streamlining its description. Removing the item of maintaining an accurate list of courses included in the GE Program, because this is being done by the director of General Education. Adding 2 items: planning assessment approaches for the GE Program and selecting annually the Thomas J. Long Foundation General Education Scholars (students) and Fellows (faculty). Also making the Director of GE a Non-voting member versus a voting member and adding the three Pacific Seminar Planning Committees as advisory committees to the GE Committee.
L. Rademacher moves to approve, J. Miles seconds, unanimously approved.

8. Handbook Deletion: 4.2.10 Associate Dean and Director of General Education
Originally under the provost's office, now moved to COP. No longer belongs in the handbook. Now under the purview of COP Dean.
L. Giusti moves to approve, T. Phelan seconds, motion approved.

9. Department Name Change: Sport Sciences - Pete Schroeder
Academic Affairs approved proposal to change the name of the Sport Sciences Department in COP to Health, Exercise, and Sport Sciences (HESS), and has forwarded to Academic Council for approval.

C. Snell moves to approve, J. Miles seconds.
Discussion: There is concern about relationship of this program to professional health science programs at School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (PHS) and Dental School. P. Schroeder met with Eric Boyce from PHS and asked if there was opposition to the name change, after discussion PHS was okay with the name change. Health is multi-dimensional, preventive versus treatment side of health. There are many departments at other schools with similar programs whose titles begin with "health." Clarification that Academic Affairs is where E. Boyce first commented on the department name change, it was not brought to PHS prior to being submitted to Academic Affairs. Although E. Boyce was willing to put it through Academic Affairs, his willingness to do this does not reflect the feelings of PHS, they are quite concerned about Health and Health Sciences being in two different areas of the University. There isn't an issue with changing the name to reflect what they are doing. Pete's response is that they have different target markets, and does not view this as problematic. Is there a plan to become a part of School of Pharmacy? No, plan on continuing to be a part of COP.
T. Phelan motions to extend discussion by 5 minutes, seconded by M. Vitiello, unanimously passed.
COP Dean Krise is supportive of name change. Reflective of what they are doing in the program and what they plan to do for the next 10 years. Clarification was sought regarding the potential confusion, professional versus undergraduate? Not a competition, but helpful, good relationship with both schools. Attracting students who want to go into the health care professions, not professional athletes/coaches. Logical next step, positioning for the future.
S. Giraldez moves to table, R. diFranco seconds. 19 ayes, 6 no, 1 abstention, motion to table carries.

10. Priority Registration for Athletes - Holly Trexler
Gene Pearson presented the proposal from the Athletic Advisory Board. The two year pilot, asking for student athletes to register before their "class" has concluded. The request is to make priority registration for athletes a permanent policy, to be reviewed annually. All Schools in the Big West offer athletes priority registration, as do all privates.

One faculty member expressed support based on personal experience with children playing Division I sports. Question on number of students: 275 this semester, the high in the past has been 300. No complaints from other students. Will help with recruitment and graduation rates. Concern about this opening the door for other departments to request priority registration in the future. This is standard NCAA practice, UOP has been behind on this issue. Most schools have athletes register before all others, not just before their class. Students are asked for a 20+ hour commitment per week beyond academics.
M. Vitiello motions to extend discussion by 5 minutes, C. Lehman seconds, motion passes.
R. diFranco motions to approve priority registration for athletes, R. White seconds, 19 ayes, 5 no, 1 abstention. Motion carries.

11. Academic Calendar - Ann Gillen
Academic Affairs changed the Pacific Day date to March 29, 2013, which is Good Friday, but not intended to be tied to religious date. The date will change in future years, and not always be on Good Friday. The original date was an issue for the Conservatory to meet their recital and end of year program needs. Question about the January 2nd orientation date for international students, does it take travel into consideration? Ann said it was the same this year, and no issues were raised.
C. Snell moves to approve, M. Bates seconds, unanimously approved.

12. IPC recommendations - Gene Pearson
Review of what IPC does: Prioritize and review new programs and enhancements to existing programs, review proposed changes to Stockton budget (faculty & staff compensation; financial aid, tuition), also review budgets for Dugoni and McGeorge. Power point presentation is attached to the minutes, "Mandatory expenses about $2 million for FY 13. IPC reviewed $5 million in requests for new expenditures: IPC recommended $802K. Provide comments before February 22, 2012 by email Cal Grant issue also evaluated. Discussion on Tuition increases and Financial Aid.

13. What's On Your Mind?
There was a technical question regarding the Sakai site and the voting of confidential minutes. Unable to view the confidential minutes. Chris will follow up on this.
Motion to adjourn by H. Arnold, second by L. Giusti, meeting adjourned.

Attachment - Powerpoint presentation:  Preliminary FY13 Budget Recommendations