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January 21, 1999

University of the Pacific
Academic Council
January 21,1999

1. The Minutes of the December 10, 1998 meeting were approved

2. Chair's Report: The Chair introduced Erin Westfall, ASUOP representative, (Crystal Barnard is in Denmark this semester) and called attention to the February 2 report from the UOP Wake Forest team in the taylor Conference Room at 3pm.

The Chair reported on the recent Regent's meeting. The Regent's approved tuition rates for the 1999-00 academic year.
Tuition will be $44,125 (a 4.32% increase) at the Dental School, $21,656 (1 4.5% increase) for full-time students at McGeorge School of Law and $19,500 (a 3% increase) for undergraduates on the Stockton campus. Room and board rates of $2670 (a 2.7% increase) were approved for the Stockton campus. The Feather River Inn lease agreement was approved.

Dean Fay Haisley, Benerd School of Education, presented a proposal to develop a Charter School in cooperation with the School of Education on the Stockton campus. Athletic Director Michael McNeely reviewed the outreach programs that are underway - enhanced web site and on-line broadcasting of sporting events, a newesletter, and a schedule of alumni golf events in various locations within California. He also outlined the methodology that he has followed in gathering information and preparing his report on the issue of football. President DeRosa and Board Chair Monagan aare developing a process to review the report. President DeRosa has assured the Council Chair that there will be opportunity for faculty and student input in the process. The Chair circulated copies of a document distributed to Regents indicating the faculty who had volunteered to have Regents visit their classes this Spring Semester.

The Chair alerted the Council members that a faculty ballot will be sent out in early February concerning the change in Promotion and Tenure section of the Handbook. The Chair reported that Bob Cox has agreed to chaair the ad hoc Committee on Experiental Learning and that the SChool of Pharamcy and Health Sciences, Benerd School of Education and the Eberhardt School of Business had been contacted and requested to elect a faculty member to the Committee for Coordination of Academic Planning and Development (CAPD). Recently, Presidential Assistant John Stein notified the Chair that the issue of benefits for same-sex partners had been resolved. Faculty and staff on the Stockton and Sacramento campuses will be treated in the same way as faculty at the Dental School.

3. Provost's Report: The Provost reported that Spring Enrollment may be up slightly because of an increase in retention. He reported that the Promise Keepers will be renting campus facilities for their use on September 10 and 11.

The first candidate for the position of Associate Provost of Enrollment Services will visit campus on February 15 and 16. The Admissions Office is currently installing technology that will allow inquiries to be scrreen more efficiently in an attempt to increase yield.

The Provost announced the election of Associate Justice of the California Supreme Court Janice Brown to the University Board of Regents. He reviewed the status of the SCT contract termination and encouraged Council Members to attend one of the two information sessions with Dr. Susan Gotsch, Vice President for Academic Affairs at Hartwick College, on January 26 at 3pm or 4pm in the Taylor Conference Room. Dr. Gotsch will review the experience of implementing the use of laptop computers on the Hartwick campus.

4. Open Forum - What's on your mind? Steve Trotter stated that the faculty of the Benerd School of Education were divided in their support for developing a Charter School proposal at this time prior to the hiring of a new Dean. He asked what was being done to increase the Hispanic representation on the Board of Regents. Provost Gilbertson reviewed the process of Regent nomination and encouraged faculty to submit nominations to Presidential Assistant John Stein.

Lydia Fox stated that the evlautation committee for the Dean of the College of the Pacific was beginning the process of follow-up interviews and anyone interested in being interviewed should contact her.

5. IPC Report - Lydia Fox reported that work on the budget was in the final stages. Because enrollment projections are not indicating an increase in students not all initiatives would be funded. She will provide budget details at the February meeting.

6. David Brock, Conservatory of Music was elected Council Representative to ad hoc Ethical Studies Committee.

7. Student-to-Student Sexual Assault/Harrassment Policy - Vice President Chambers and Dean of Student Bill Barr outlined the steps in the development of the proposed policy and the requirement that faculty and staff would be required to report incidents or alleged incidents when the policy is implemented. A number of concerns were raised by Council Members. Many Council Members asked questions concerning the potential liability of faculty when reporting incidents that are based on second or third hand comments. Others were concerened about the definition of harassment.

A motion was passed directing the Council Chair to contact a faculty member at the McGeorge School of Law to carefully review the Draft Policy Document. [ Professor John Sims has agreed to review the Draft Policy and provide suggestions for the Council.]

8.. Faculty Hiring Guidelines and Procedures: The Council Chair reminded the Council Members that a Draft of the Proposed Guidelines had been distributed for discussion at the December meeting. The item will be brought to the Council for discussion and action at the March meeting.

9. Information Technology Taskforce Report: The Council Chair indicated that the Council during the Spring Semester will address issues involving the faculty's role in Information Technology decision making and the role of the Library as it relates to Information Technology. Professor Dave Fletcher, School of Engineering, who chaired the Information Technology Taskforce during the 1996-97 academic year briefly summarized some of the forty-eight recommendations that were contained within the report. The Provost distributed a document summarizing progress on implementing the Recommendations of the taskforce. He suggested that CIO Lynn Kubeck and Dean of Libraries Jean Purnell attend the February meeeting of the Council to outline initiatives that would come before Council for action later in the Spring. Herb Reinelt questioned how educational goals were being developed and whether educational benefits that were driving the implementation of technology or the reverse. Roland diFranco asked how the impact of technology on student learning was being assessed. Council Chair encouraged Members to attend the two scheduled workshops and review the documents on Information Technology.

10. Other Business: The Council adjourned at 4:51pm.