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March 11, 1999

University of the Pacific
Academic Council
March 11, 1999
3:00 pm
Room D 121 - School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Meeting Summary

1. Minutes of the February 11, 1999 meeting. The minutes were corrected to indicate Dave Keefe was present. The minutes were approved as corrected.

2. Dean Phillip Oppenheimer welcomed the Council to the School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences.

3. Chair's Report - The Chair thanked Dean Oppenheimer for the hospitality accorded Council in hosting the meeting.
The Chair solicited nominations for the positions of Associate University Marshal, 1999-2000 Council Chair-elect and
Executive Board. A written response from law school faculty regarding the Student to Student Sexual Harassment/Sexual Assault Policy is expected soon. A copy of the Interim Report of the campus facilities plan is on reserve at the Library. Kara Brewer has requested suggestions on ways to increase faculty participation at the April 22, 1999 Founder's Day celebration.

4. Provost's Report - The Provost reviewed modifications to the IPC Budget recommendations that were presented in the March 11, 1999 memorandum that was distributed to the University Community. Changes included a $250,000 Y2K Contingency Fund and an additional $380,000 for Information Technology of one-time funding for FY99. In addition the
memorandum listed concerns over the proposed office reallocations - lack of a public explanation of the rationale and full explanation to the campus community and the adequacy of $150,000 to fund the project..

The Provost announced the appointment of Jon Schamber (College of the Pacific - Communications and former Associate Dean of the College) as Director of General Education. He also updated the Council on continuing administrative searches.

The Provost explained the status of the National Planning Commission designed to move Pacific to the next level of excellence. The Commission would involve approximately 300 alumni and friends of the University. The goals of the initiative include: 1) engaging key alumni and friends more fully with the future of the university, 2) helping to develop a higher level of expectations for the University and 3) developing new visions for the University as part of a major capital campaign.

The Provost indicated that the University had was considering a contract with a marketing firm nine.dots Corporation to aid the University in developing its web marketing presence. On their website the nine.dots Corporation lists a number of major corporations as clients. The Provost updated the Council on the "laptop" initiative indicating that costs of such an initiative, if implemented, would be about $700/year for students. He indicated that the proposal would be discussed after Spring Break by students and other segments of the University community. A formal written proposal on the Library/IT merger will likely be presented at the April 8 Council meeting for action. The University College/Lifelong Learning Dean position is being redefined. Current Acting Dean Barbara Shaw will assume the new position during the redefinition process.

5. IPC Report - Lydia Fox reported that IPC had met with the Football Review Committee. Now that the Budget decision making process is completed for this cycle, IPC is considering other planning issues.

6. Recommendation from the University Awards Committee - Ken Albala (member, University Awards Committee) presented the recommendation that the University confer Honorary Degrees on tow distinguished individuals. The recommendation was approved.

7. Open Forum - What's on your mind? Steve Trotter asked if the Associate Provost for Enrollment Services was a new position. The Provost responded that it was a retitled and redefined position. Dick Etlinger raised concern over the lack of student diversity portrayed in the images on the University home page. Larry Spreer asked about the costs of the new hires and new initiatives and the lack of support for departmental budgets. The Provost responded that for many years the University had and continues to have a very strong faculty. Now it is hoped that the administration will also be as strong to help the faculty move to the next level. Dick Etlinger asked what the time line might be in finally obtaining departmental budget relief? Herb Reinelt asked that comparative budget information be provided so that we could assess the administrative/instructional balance at UOP.

8. Committee on Computing and Informational Technology - Roland diFranco (member, Academic Computing Committee) presented the recommendation from the Academic Computing Committee regarding the charge and makeup of the new Academic Computing and Information Technology Committee (ACITC). The Council approved the recommendation with two modifications. The term of office for members was increased to three years. The third listed responsibility was changed to: "To promote and support assessment of learning resulting from the use of computers and information technology."

9. Larry Spreer (chair, Academic Affairs Committee) outlined the Grade Replacement Policy proposed by the Academic Affairs Committee. Beginning with the Fall Semester of 1999 students may repeat courses in which they received a grade of C- or below. Only the higher of the grades will be included in the GPA calculation but all grades will be indicated on the transcript. The policy only applies to undergraduate students and only to courses taken and repeated at the University of the Pacific. Students may petition their home school to repeat courses with a grade of C or higher. Grades resulting from an honor code violation will be included in the GPA calculation even if the course is repeated. After lengthy discussion, the Council approved the recommendation.

10. Faculty Diversity Hiring Policy - The Council approved a resolution reaffirming its endorsement of University Planning Assumption # 2 "The University should continue to increase the diversity and the academic quality of the members of the University Community." Assistant Provost Heather Mayne updated the Council on the recent hiring cycle and the effectiveness of the Pilot Program using the steps outlined in the Draft Plan. She responded to questions and concerns about various components of the plan. Concerns focused on what aspects of the Plan were Guidelines and what aspects of the Plan were mandatory. The Executive Board will work with Assistant Provost Mayne on areas of concern and a revised document will be presented to Council for action at a future meeting.

11. Dennis Brennan (chair, Professional Relations Committee) presented the description of Clinical Faculty recommended for inclusion in the University By-Laws. The Council approved the recommendation.

12. By-Laws Update - Roland diFranco (chair, By-Laws Committee) reminded the Council of need for input in the development of the new By-Laws (Handbook) document. Chris Snell commended Roland diFranco for his tireless efforts on behalf of this project.

13. Football Review Committee - The Football Review Committee will present a preliminary report to the Board of Regents on April 16. Open forums for faculty input will likely occur the week of April 19-23.

14. Other Business - The meeting adjourned at 5:15pm