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March 20, 2014

Academic Council Meeting
Library Community Room
3:00-5:00 pm


Business: J. Post (p), S. Walchli (p)
Conservatory: F. Hsiao (a), B. Phillips (p)
College: M. Bates (p), K. Burmeister (a), C. Dobbs (a), B. Herrin (a), K. Holland (p), C. Lehmann (p), M. Normand (a), A. Smith (a), C. Snell (a), B. Swagerty (a), L. Wrischnik (p)
Dental: F. Fendler (a), A. Nattestad (p), R. White (p)
Education: H. Arnold (p), T. Nelson (p), L. Webster (a)
Emeriti: R. di Franco (p)
Engineering: D. Cliburn (a), L. Lee (p)
Law: L. Carter (a), F. Galves (a), W. Jones (p)
Library: R. Imhof (p)
PHS: L. Boles (p), S. Carr-Lopez (p), J. Ward-Lonergan (a), C. Wilson (p)
SIS: D. O'Neill (p)
ASUOP: tbd, tbd
Ex-Officio: P. Eibeck (p), M. Pallavicini (p), D. Neault (a), J. Ren (p)
Observers: B. Gundersen (a), J. Lohr (p)
Guests: M. Cayton, P. Day, B. Hanyak, P. Metzger, J. Royce-Davis

Call to Order @3:05 pm

I. Consent Agenda
A. February 13, 2014 Minutes
Correction to minutes, under the President's report, the sixth paragraph states that Joel Lohr prepared a response to the Methodist Church. Joel was involved with the report, but it was prepared by Patrick Day.
R. Imhof moves to approve as corrected, L. Wrischnik seconds, unanimous approval.

II. Reports
A. Chairperson's Report - Courtney Lehmann
Courtney is convening today's meeting as Marlin is in Arizona. She attended the dedication of the new Dental School in San Francisco and found it truly remarkable.

The All-Faculty Meeting was held last month on February 27th. There was feedback on the FOOF process with spirited, optimistic conversation. There was a concern expressed that the Deans are not sufficiently justifying their recommendations with data. Not sure if this is reflected across the university, but there was a wide concern expressed. There is a sense that faculty had to collect, aggregate, contextualize and interpret data, but the loop isn't necessarily being closed at the other end. Anxiety over what is going to happen to faculty if programs are eliminated. The Summer School issue was tabled. There was not enough information to go forward with this issue. RCM was discussed and the Budget Task Force Report was distributed. More conversations are needed to familiarize ourselves with this model. Final topic was the Graduate School. Fairly divided conversation between those that wanted to keep it and those that thought it was dispensable.

A reminder to vote in the upcoming election in April. Courtney is currently vetting the list. The Faculty Retirement Dinner is April 16th, please mark your calendars. A new item on the agenda is adding time for discussion after the reports are presented by the chair, the president, and the provost.

Courtney is suspending the rules of parliamentary procedure so that Harriett Arnold can introduce new business: The provost has submitted the list of faculty members that are being recommended by their Dean for emeriti status. Robin Imhof expressed her disappointment that her library colleague, Craig Hawbaker, has not been nominated for emeriti status by Dean Welch. She has been advised by the provost to write a letter to the dean and the provost to this effect. Robin will also attend Executive Board to discuss options. The provost has spoken to the Dean about Craig's nomination, but no change was made. Faculty Handbook 7.1.8 Emeritus Status, explicitly states that emeriti status is designated by the President upon the recommended of the appropriate dean with the concurrence of the Academic Council and the Provost.

Council has confirmed that a name could be added later this semester after approval of the list before the committee.

R. DiFranco moves to approve the emeriti list, W. Jones seconds, unanimous approval.

B. President's Report - Pam Eibeck
The President thanked Courtney for mentioning the opening/dedication of the facility at 155 5th street. There is space for non-dental school programs at the new building.

Ken Mullen has been appointed as the Vice President for Business and Finance. He was previously the Associate VP for Business and Finance for the past two years and came to Pacific from Elon University (20 years). He may approach the Executive Board of Academic Council as he is in a listening period right now. His appointment begins immediately after commencement.

Responsibility Centered Management (RCM) is the proposed new budget model recommended by the Budget Task Force which was chaired by Dean Oppenheimer. This model can be tailored to fit the characteristics of the University. Its basic premise is that it is designed to reward and support academic units that are attracting students. There is greater accountability as well. It is a decentralized system that empowers local units. It's a complex change to make as an organization, so discussions are starting next fall, but the actual decision can be tailored and input will be required.

The Comprehensive Campaign is in the process of conducting a feasibility study where an outside person from the university meets with high powered donors associated with Pacific to determine the donor contribution expectations. We need to make sure we are successful and exceed our goal. The feasibility study will be completed at the end of April. She encourages academic council to invite Burnie Atterbury, VP Development to come and speak to faculty this fall.

The President read the essay "The Cane Mutiny Continues" by Jed Scully, emeriti faculty member.

C. Provost's Report - Maria Pallavicini
Academic Planning and Alignment (APA) process update - The Provost thanked the faculty for their reports. The Deans have looked at the reports and the data, be assured that the Deans have looked at data. Recommendations were shared with each other at the Council of Deans (COD) meeting, where they shared their vision and goals for their academic portfolio. The Provost's recommendations (draft) will be out tomorrow to the entire university community. For the next week and a half she will be meeting with each unit to gather feedback. After the open feedback period, she will present her recommendations at three townhall meetings at each campus.

The administrative unit reviews had a slightly different review process. She is expecting a response from PAC + on her recommendations. The President will attend two of the three townhall meetings as she would like to listen to the discussions, but her schedule does not allow her to attend the San Francisco townhall meeting. Once the Provost submits her final recommendations, they will go to PAC+ and the Board of Regents, and then the President will announce her final decisions on May 1st.

If the recommendation calls for the elimination of a degree program, the university process outlined in the Faculty Handbook will be followed. Any current students in one of these programs will have a teach-out plan and they will be awarded their degree, if necessary.

What will happen to tenured faculty? The research and scholarship is still valued and they will find a way to integrate into the degreed programs that we do offer. Per the FHB tenured faculty can be released from the University if their program is eliminated. This is not the plan of the University.

The Provost provided a revised organization chart for her office and explained that although there are some new positions, she is not adding new staff to her unit, but rather reconfiguring how her office does business, and is being organized by function.

The Vice Provost Strategy & Effectiveness position is Dave Hemenway's (Director of Institutional Effectiveness) position. This position will play a huge role with the two student success WASC reports that are due in 2015 and 2016. We need someone to be responsible for planning and effectiveness. Berit Gundersen will be transitioning her workload to work for this role.

The Vice Provost for Distributed Learning and Instructional Technology is being reconfigured from VP Paul Paton's prior position. The CTL and CPCE will report to this position. The CTL Director is also not a new position. The search committee will be having three candidates come to Pacific soon. CPCE will also be reconfigured per the APA process recommendation.

Arlene Cash is the Vice Provost for Enrollment Management, with Admissions, Financial Aid and the Registrar reporting.

The Vice Provost for Academic and Faculty Affairs is a compilation of part-time positions. Lou Matz will be the point person for student academic support. The Assistant Provost for Diversity has not been filled for two years. This position is going to be reduced to a half-time or less position and she will post internally this position as well as the Vice Provost for Academic and Faculty Affairs. She will also be posting the Assistant Provost Graduate/Scholarship that is currently held by Bhaskar Jasti in an interim role. Bhaskar wants to take a faculty development leave, so a new person will be needed to fill this position. This is a director position for the Graduate Studies Division, the administrative functions will be moved under enrollment management. The graduate program chairs would like to have more involvement in recruiting. The graduate program will be reconfigured. Ge-Yao Liu is the Director of International Programs and Services, but based on the APA review, this department also needs reorganization, and needs to be reduced per the administrative reviews.

The revised organization chart provides for few direct reports to her position; she currently has 17 direct reports.

III. Discussion on Reports
Will there no longer be a Graduate School? Provost responded that it currently isn't a school, but rather a division. The paper processing (3 positions) administrative functions are being transferred to enrollment management to improve efficiencies. Why no dean? Because there is no faculty. Physical Therapy and Speech-Language Pathology are in the Graduate School, not Pharmacy and Health Sciences. This issue is also being discussed in the Chemistry department. There has been vigorous conversation in PHS about this issue. The provost will re-look at this issue and discuss it with the affected units. She will reframe and put it out to the faculty for comment and discussion.

Lisa Wrischnik has asked for data regarding the RCM model that the Budget Task Force reviewed. The President responded that there are many ways to implement this budget model. Discussions will begin in the fall. The data varies by department and context (type of university).

IPS overstaffed? It's not just staffing (FTEs), it's the organization of the unit that needs to be reviewed as well.

Roland DiFranco thanked the president for commenting on Jed Scully's essay. A difference between what happened last time and now, is the contact/conversations with the Regents (Jim McCargo).

Marlin has asked if the Deans will be present and prepared at the Townhall meetings to answer questions and discuss their recommendations? Also, will the recommendations from other units be available for discussion in a public forum as well? The Dean's recommendations will be included as part of her draft report/recommendations. The information is transparent. She will ask the Deans to be prepared to answer questions

IV. Action Items
A. FHB Revision 6.4.4 University Facilities Committee - Priscilla Meckley
Bob Hanyak and Patty Metzger representing Priscilla Meckley as long-time committee members. There is a new charge and change in committee name. Two questions from Council: What are the specific membership changes? What are the dollar amounts/limits that the committee reviews? The dollar amounts have been removed in the revision.

The composition of the committee is a major change, it is including those parties that have been attending as they were identified as important contributors to the committee, such as the Director of Public Safety and Security, law school, dental school, north campus. Faculty representation has been reduced, but there is opportunity for additional faculty as other than the member appointed by the AC chair, there is also a member from another committee that may be a faculty member (AFIC).

Bob is unable to answer the reasoning behind the removal of the dollar amounts. More than $50K has been discussed by the committee. It is important to remember that this committee is advisory in nature, solicitation of feedback is primary role as well as providing impact analysis.

The President stated that the role of this committee may increase in the future, per the Academic Administrative recommendations in the FOOF process. There will be a need to prioritize projects.

W. Jones moves to table due to lack of clarity regarding dollar amounts, R. diFranco seconds, unanimous.

B. Resolution of support Cal-Grant
A similar resolution was passed two years ago. It is time once again support our students and the continuation of Cal-grants for private non-profits. Cal grant levels are dropping for incoming freshmen. We can't backfill the entire amount that is being reduced. The AICCU represents all privates non-profits in California and they have met with various senators. They have submitted legislation to rescind the change, but this is not a guarantee that it will pass. Private non-profits educate about 1/3 of college seeking students. We are equal in size cohesively as the CSUs and the UCs. Every action we can take as a faculty is important.

W. Jones moves to approve, R. diFranco seconds, unanimous.

V. Information Items
A. Methodist Church - Pacific Connection - Patrick Day
Pacific has a historic relationship with the United Methodist Church. Institutions from the west provide opportunities for students, but are neither prescriptive or proscriptive in requiring involvement. Every 10 years we are asked to affirm this relationship. This process began in the fall of 2012, and we received a response in the spring of 2013. We were asked to follow up on items that we agreed to during this process. We will maintain diversity of student population, religion and thought. Joanna Royce-Davis spoke with students/faculty/staff/regents - thoughts on where we are and where we want to be. The following highlight commitment statements we have agreed to regarding our relationship with the United Methodist Church:

• Taking advantage of an opportunity to invite students from various church congregations to come to campus as a recruitment vehicle.
• Putting a page on the website describing the historic relationship.
• Met with bishop-scholars currently at Pacific, they want to engage with each other as a cohort in a co-curricular experience.
• Looking at offering alternative spring break experiences - perhaps abroad.
• Exploring the opportunity to explore a consortia relationship with other institutions.

B. Title IX Update - Patrick Day
Patrick Day, VPSL, presenting. Title IX, specifically regarding the inclusion of sexual misconduct procedures that now cover students, faculty and staff in higher education institutions. We are in a three-year window to revamp procedures that began with the distribution of the Department of Education's Dear Colleague letter regarding sexual misconduct components of Title IX. This has fairly descriptive instructions on how to handle sexual misconduct cases on campus. The requirements have become much more specific. There was also a White House Call to Action Report regarding sexual assault on university campuses. The most recent and precedent setting case at the University of Montana regarding the mishandling of a case has resulted in de facto law and more descriptive requirements. Here's what it means for Pacific:
• All faculty and staff are to be trained with regard to Title IX, specifically the sexual misconduct components.
• 60 day window for compliance for investigation and adjudication, from the date the university becomes aware of the incident.
• Adjudication means putting in place restorative sanctions that ensure the safety of the complainant.
• Every institution must have a title IX coordinator - and investigators - Lynn King is our Title IX Coordinator.
• There is a requirement for an equity and consistency in handling of cases (process) for all populations (staff/faculty/students)

We have some of these components in place, but now need to coordinate the consistency in the processes. The president has asked that he and the provost pull together a Title IX policy review board that is currently being constituted and will begin meeting this semester. The committee will include 3-4 faculty members from across all 3 campuses. The Executive Board has submitted names to Patrick Day. The committee will also include members from Human Resources, Student Life, student representatives, Regent Noel Ferris, and possibly a member from the DA's office. This committee will have a start and end to its tenure - approximately one year.

C. Student Morale - from the student side - Marselus Cayton, ASUOP President
Marselus stated that regarding the reallocation process things are going well for students. He asked the student senate about the issue and the feedback was overall positive and they appreciated the townhalls and the openness on campus.

Spring concert at the Stockton Arena tomorrow night - almost sold-out.

Marlin asked if faculty could do more? No, he hasn't had a bad teacher yet. ASuop has a good relationship with Marlin/Courtney and he hopes this will continue with the future changes in administration.

VI. What's On Your Mind?
Question for the entire body from Marlin - He would like to get a sense of where the units are with the communication of their Deans regarding the Academic recommendations -

SIS - Not clear to Political Science Department since two tenure lines were lost.
ENG - They received a copy today of the summary recommendations that were forwarded to the provost.
LAW - They have already been through significant cuts, but their Dean has met with faculty specifically about this issue.
PHS - Meeting with their Dean next week, they have been emailed information but no dialogue yet.
EDU - Meeting with Dean soon to have dialogue.

Marlin asked the members if they would like to have AC meet one additional time in April due to the APA process that is underway and the tight timeframes for response.

M. Bates moves to have an executive session meeting on April 17th, D. Oneill seconds, unanimous.

Health Care increases coming up again and there is concern that Pacific is not negotiating competitive packages. Request made to invite Pat Cavanaugh, Jane Lewis and Geoff Lin-Cereghino to the April meeting.

Adjournment at 5:00 pm