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March 8, 2007

Academic Council Meeting
Minutes of March 8, 2007
University of the Pacific
Library Community Room

Business: E. Typpo (a), N. Peery (p)
Conservatory: F. Rose (p), D. Ebbers (p)
College: M. Bates (p), K. Day (p), L. Fox (p), B. Klunk (p), D. Maxwell (p), A. Smith (a), L. Spreer (a), B. Swagerty (a), L. Koehler (p), C. Vierra (p), K. Whittington (a), X. Zhou (a)
Dental: R. Cohan (a), B. Lundergan (p), C. Lyon (a)
Education: R. Oprandy (p), L. Webster (a)
Emeriti: R. di Franco (p)
Engineering: C.W. Lee (a), M. Shami (p)
Law: G. Harris (a), K. Yelpaala (a)
Library: C. Hsieh (p)
Pharmacy: S. Bellamy (p), Dave Fries (p), J. Livesey (a), M. Ravnan (a)
SIS: S. Sample (p)
Student: P. Mauriello (p)
Ex-Officio: R. Roshanak (a), D. DaGrade (a), G. Pearson (a), P. Gilbertson (a), G. Jongeward (a), Mike McCallum (a), E. Wittrup (a), S. Wheeler (a), E. Thomas (a), L. Itaya (a), D. Abood (a), M. Canniff (p), C. Manolakas (a), S. Sample (p), R. Oprandy (p), T. Wrensch (a), Sandy Bellamy (p), J. Blankenship (a), H. Trexler (a)
Observer: J. Purnell (a)
Guests: B. Shaw (p), J. Royce-Davis (p), B. Benedetti (p), J. Phillips (p), E. Griego (p), Mike Belcher (p), P. Cavanaugh (p), C. Darnall (p)

Chair Brian Klunk called the meeting to order at 3:05.

1. Approval of Minutes
Motion: F. Rose moved, D. Maxwell seconded to approve the minutes of February 8, 2007 meeting.
The minutes were unanimously approved.

2. Chair's Report
Chair Brian Klunk advised the members that there would be a slight change on the agenda for the meeting. There will be no report on the First Year Experience today as Lou Matz had a conflict. He will be invited back at a future meeting to give his report.

Chair Brian Klunk further informed the council members that due to a conflict in the availability of the Library Community room for the April 12, 2007 meeting, we will be holding that meeting at the Pharmacy School in room D-121.

Chair Brian Klunk reminded the council members that the Institutional Research survey questionnaire as part of the preparation for our WASC needs to be filled out and turned in.

Chair Brian Klunk informed the council members that he has been asked by Assistant Provost Rob Brodnick about how the Academic Council would like to participate in the next stage of consideration of Pacific review. He reported that the Strategic Action Plan (SAP) of Pacific Rising has been broken down into 20 strategic areas and have designated some priorities and who is responsible, etc.
Brian informed the council that he would like to forward the information to members of Academic Council for their comments back to Executive Board and then they will meet with Rob sometime later in the semester. Brian expressed concern that the time in the semester is running short and it would probably not be convenient to schedule a special meeting or to devote considerable time at one of council's meetings.

Chair Brian Klunk reported that he had shared at the last meeting that the Provost had appointed him to a task force that needs to be done in order to implement our online degree audit (CAPP). He reported that he was able today to see a demonstration of how that will work when it is in place. He further reported that at least on the demo it works as promised. It gives up-to-date information on what students have accomplished on their degree programs, what the student has left to accomplish and also a what if feature.

Chair Brian Klunk reported that the Executive Board and the Public Relations Committee met with the University's attorney, Mike Vartain and discussed "close personal relationships" between those who supervise and those who are supervised. They met to begin discussion on the topic as a handbook policy change. It seems to be the opinion of the university's administration and council that a stronger policy is needed. At some point this policy will come to Academic Council and Brian wanted to alert members that this topic is under consideration.

Chair Brian Klunk reported that Provost Gilbertson is away from campus on a WASC visit, Jean Purnell has moved to the President's office as the Executive Assistant to the President and he is waiting on word from the Provost as to how Jean's position in the Provost office will be filled, and Rob Brodnick is also away from campus so we will have no Provost Report today.

3. Provost's Report
Provost Gilbertson was out of town. No report.

4. Collaboration Vision Team Report on Civic Leadership
Chair Brian Klunk introduced Barbara Shaw, Joanna Royce Davis and Robert Benedetti to present their report on Civic Leadership. The group provided a handout and gave an overview of Civic Leadership and what it means to really be a civic leader in the community as a Pacific graduate. The handouts outlined and highlighted were "The Certificate in Civic Leadership", a collaboration between Pacific's Jacoby Center for Public Service and Civic Leadership, the Center for Professional & Continuing Education and the Division of Student Life. Some points that the group touched on during their report were fulfilling the mission, leadership in the community, a rigorous applied curriculum, a distinctive curriculum, and demand driven curriculum. The group answered questions from council members. The group was thanked for their report.

5. Program Review - Public Safety
Professor John Phillips, Vice President of Student Life Elizabeth Griego and Mike Belcher of Public Safety were in attendance to give highlights of the program review on Public Safety. They provided a handout of the program review report and highlighted many areas. Some of the areas highlighted were student safety, auto break-ins and thefts, and people that come onto the campus that have not business with Pacific. Mike Belcher did inform the council members that due to the construction going on around campus that auto thefts has dropped due to the fact that criminals want 2 or 3 ways out after they commit a crime. The ongoing construction has blocked many of the exits getting off campus. The group did report that many of the topics in the report have become budget issues. They were pleased to inform the council members that 2 new full time officers have been hired which enables 24 hour protection and during peak hours 9 p.m. to 3 a.m. there will be 4 officers available. The increase in Stripes Security officers has been increased as well. The group answered questions of the council and were thanked for their report and presentation.

6. FY 2008 Budget
Patrick Cavanaugh, V.P. of Finance and Carrie Darnall, Academic Budget Officer, gave a report on the FY 2008 Budget. Dave Fries, who sits on the Institutional Priorities Committee, was also was present to give information to the council members. Dave explained to the group that there is not as much new money in the FY2008 Budget available for many reasons:

  • Tuition increase not as high as expected
  • Building/Construction costs coming in higher Vice-President Cavanaugh explained the arrangements being made to finance several projects that could not be included in the budget
  • Wireless service installation in the Residence halls
  • $500,000 in surveillance cameras for security purposes
  • $300,000 one card access for security purposes

Carrie Darnall gave an overview and provided handouts on the following:

  • Faculty Service Plan
  • Innovation Initiatives
  • Faculty Scholarship & Research

In discussion of the budget, members of Council commended the Provost's Office and Vice-President Cavanaugh for finding mechanisms to finance important projects. Council members discussed several areas they believed to be still under-financed, including operating budgets and fund for faculty research

Following discussion, Pat Cavanaugh and Carrie Darnall were both thanked for their presentations.

7. Faculty Governance/Committee Structure
Chair Elect Lydia Fox informed the Academic Council that due to a time constraint
of the meeting there was not as much time as she had hoped to go over this agenda item.
Lydia asked explained that there are 243 elected committee slots and proposed that each member of the Academic Council volunteer to serve on at least one other committee to make the job of filling slots easier. She will email members a Survey of Interest on specific committees.

8. What's on your mind?
There was nothing new for discussion.

9. Adjournment
Motion by M. Bates, R. diFranco seconded to adjourn the meeting.
Motion carried unanimously.
Chair Klunk adjourned the meeting at 5:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Wendy Conley, Academic Council Secretary