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March 9, 2000

University of the Pacific
Academic Council
March 9, 2000


1. The minutes of the February 10, 2000 meeting were approved with one correction (Darcy Umphred was present at the February 10th meeting) and one modification (David Keefe requested that the tone of the section on Information Security Policies more accurately reflect the nature of the discussion.)

2. Chair's report - Chair Christopher Snell reported that the Executive Board had been working with John Livesey on the Information Security Policies. He called attention to the recommendation from Vice President Cavanaugh to out source the bookstore operation. He informed Council that the Provost was in transit from the Dental School and would arrive around 4pm.

3. Provost's Report (see item 12)

4. IPC Report, David Brock, Lydia Fox - David Brock reported that now that budget recommendations had been submitted to the President IPC was considering other issues. They include a classroom utilization study, University maintenance priorities, possible revisions of the Mission, Vision and Priorities statements, revised IPC membership, assessment of initiatives that IPC has funded, and evaluation of student satisfaction surveys.

5. ITPC Report, Roland diFranco - Roland diFranco reported that the ITPC has been working on the Information Security Policy. At this point discussion of "lap top initiatives" have been postponed. A question was raised as to how the University would assist connectivity with the University systems when the dial-up connections were terminated. It was reported that at this time the University was not interested in providing ISP service for faculty, staff and students.

6. WASC Steering Committee Report, Jean Purnell, Dean of Libraries - Dean Purnell distributed a "Chronology of the WASC Self Study Process" and a DRAFT of the March 28-31 "WASC Visit Schedule." She reviewed the list of WASC team members and visit process. She called attention to the Open meeting for faculty scheduled for 3pm on Thursday March 30. The Council thanked Dean Purnell for her persistence, hard work and style of open communication and inclusion in developing the WASC Report.

7. What's on your mind? (10 minutes)
Roland diFranco asked for Council input on the "Self study Issues and Themes" distributed by Dean Purnell.. Were all major issues covered? One issue raised was whether or not the ideal size of the University had been addressed. Sandy Rux, Associate Registrar provided information on Banner Web for students. Beginning this Spring all students except those from COP and Eberhardt School of Business will be able to register on-line.

8. Five Year Calendar - The proposed calendar was approved as distributed.

9. Policy on Nondiscrimination - The proposed Nondiscrimination policy was approved as distributed.

10. Information Security Polices - Gene Pearson thanked Roland diFranco, Peter Meyer, John Livesey for their work on the ACITC and the ITPC. Roland diFranco and Gene Pearson presented revised DRAFTS of three sections of the proposed University Information Security Policies. The proposed revisions of Section # 4. Segregation of Student and University Systems; Section # 6 Internet Security Policy and Section # 1 Information Security Policy were approved by Council.
Members expressed concern over the use of the word "disclose" in the Internet Security Policy.

11. Experiential Learning Oversight Committee- The ELOC charge and membership were distributed to Council. A motion was approved to treat this item as an action item. The proposed charge and committee membership was approved.

12. Provost's Report - Provost Gilbertson stated that he and President DeRosa had just returned from the Dental School. He reported that he and the President had met with the Dental School Accreditation Team during the Exit Interview stage of the visit. The Accreditation Team reported that they had not a single recommendation for change and that the Dental School had received "A:" grades in all areas. The Provost reported that this was a high tribute to the Dental School's humanistic approach to learning and the support and treatment they accord to their students. The Provost also reported that Dean Denis Meerdink would chair the Taskforce developing a policy on Intellectual Property Rights for the University.

13.Other Business - Chair Christopher Snell reminded the Council that the April meeting would be held at the McGeorge School of Law on the Sacramento campus. Ms. Kitty Gilbert, Council Secretary, introduced Ms. Denia Leach who will be taking over the position of Council Secretary at the April meeting.