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May 11, 2000

University of the Pacific
Academic Council

May 11, 2000

1. The minutes of the April 27, 2000 meeting were approved.

2. Chair's Report: Christopher Snell thanked the members of Council and the Executive Board for their support during the year.

3. Provost's Report:

4. IPC Report: Lydia Fox reported that IPC had reviewed requests from the Dental School and was developing plans for the June 6, 2000 IPC Retreat to review and possibly modify the University Vision Statement and Planning Priorities.

5. ITPC Report: Roland di Franco reported that the ITPC had almost completed work on the Security Policies and that the Committee would continue work during the summer on other initiatives. Chair Snell commended Roland di Franco and John Livesey for their work in crafting security policies that were acceptable to a university community.

6. A Conversation with Lynn Kubeck, Associate Provost/CIO: Lynn Kubeck outlined progress on ongoing initiatives and challenges and initiatives. First, the conversion to a common Lotus Notes e-mail system is making progress. The pilot program in the library and OISR has uncovered some "bugs" that are being addressed. In response to a question CIO Kubeck indicated that University of Dayton and Old Dominion were using Lotus Notes but knew of no other California University currently using Lotus Notes. Second, OISR continues to work on connectivity and the network. They are trying to identify the cause of slowness in the network. Initial studies indicate that it is not a problem with traffic entering or leaving campus and therefore there must still be problems in the campus network even after the December 1999 upgrade. Third, OISR is working on identifying problems with the Customer Service Center and developing ways to try to retain Customer Service Representatives. CIO Kubeck described the recent Sun Ray proposal that has been presented to the University by Sun Microsystems. Louise Stark indicated that Cisco Systems was also interested in partnering with UOP. Additional discussions will be held and a decision will be made shortly.

7. What's on Your Mind: Marisa Kelly presented a resolution commending Christopher Snell, 1999-2000 Council Chair, for his efforts on behalf of the faculty. The resolution received unanimous approval.

8. Elections:
IPC: Louise Stark, School of Engineering, was elected to a three-year term on IPC replacing Dave Fletcher
Chair Elect: Ron Ray, library, was elected to the position of Chair Elect
Executive Board: David Fries, Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Walt Zimmerman, COP-Mathematics, Peter Meyer, COP-Economics and Christine Manolakas, McGeorge School of Law, were elected to the Executive Board.
Associate University Marshall: Bob Hanyak, School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences was confirmed by the Council.

9. 2000 Emeriti Faculty: All faculty recommended for Emeriti status presented to the Council by the Provost were approved.

10. Program Review: Mathematics: Professor Newman Peery, Chair of the Academic Affairs Committee, outlined the recommendations regarding the Program Review of the Department of Mathematics. The Council approved the recommendations of the Academic Affairs Committee.

11. Program Review: Economics: Professor Newman Peery, Chair of the Academic Affairs Committee, outlined the recommendations regarding the Program Review of the Department of Economics. Concerns were raised over the lack of a student participant on the Panel. Concerns were raised regarding "speculation" about the level of mathematics proficiency of some UOP graduates mentioned in the report. The report was referred back to the Academic Affairs Committee for further review.

12. Information Security Policies: The following Policies were approved as presented:

  • #7 Internet Acceptable use
  • #8 Electronic Mail
  • #9 Business Continuity Plan
  • #10 Copyrighted Materials Policy

Action on the following policies was deferred when the Council had lost a quorum at 5:15pm:

  • #11 Remote Access Policy
  • #12 External Trusted Network Security Policy

13. University Handbook: Evaluation of Administrators: No action was taken as the Council had lost a quorum.

14. The Council adjourned at 5:15pm.