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May 9, 2002

University of the Pacific – Stockton Campus
Academic Council Meeting
Minutes of May 9, 2002

T. Brierton (a), N. Perry (a)
Conservatory: D. Brock (a), J. DeHaan (a), N. Waldvogel (p)
COP: B. Beal (p), B. Cox (p), M. Kelly (p), C. Kramer (p), C. Ostberg (p), M. Sharp (p), L. Spreer (p), D. Tedards (p), W. Zimmermann (p)
Dental: D. Castagna (a), R. Cohan (p), J. Cohen (a), J. Levy (a)
Education: M. Draheim (p), P. Hensley (p)
Emeriti: G. Blum (p)
Engineering: D. Besch (a), G. Litton (p)
Law: W. Jones (p), C. Manolakas (a), Glendalee Scully (p)
Library: R. Ray (p), T. Calvo (a)
Pharmacy: R. Abood (p), D. Fries (p), S. Smith (p)
SIS: S. Pasztor (a)
Students: A. Hudson (p), J. Farrell (a)
Ex-Officio: S. Blalock (a), J. Boelter (a), R. Brittin (a), R. Childs (p), A. Freedman (p), P. Gilbertson (p), B. Gundersen (a), K. Hughes (a), L. Knight (a), T. Kulisch (a), J. Livesey (a), J. Mansoor (a), F. Muskal (p), D. Parker (a), G. Pearson (a), S. Scully (p), C. Smith (a), D. Smith (a), L. Webster (a), B. Weick (a), B. West (a)
Guests: President Don DeRosa, Keith Whittington, Ron Hoverstad, Abel Fernandez, Diane Borden, Brian Klunk, Darcy Umphred, Pat Catania

Chair Ron Ray called the meeting to order at 3:10 p.m.

1. Approval of Minutes

Motion: Simalee Smith-Stubblefield moved, Cindy Ostberg seconded to approve the minutes of April 25, 2002. Motion unanimously approved.

2. Introduction of New Members

Chair Ray introduced the new Academic Council that were in attendance: Diane Borden, COP; Cynthia Dobbs, COP; Keith Whittington, COP; Brian Klunk, COP; Abel Fernandez, Engineering; and Ron Hoverstad. Peter Meyer, COP; Frank Wiens, Conservatory of Music; and David Keefe, SIS were unable to attend. The Dental School representative is still unknown at this time.

3. Elections

Chair Ray explained that only new and continuing members should fill out the ballot and return them to Denia after the President’s comments.

4. Conversation with President DeRosa

President DeRosa informed Council that some changes will be occurring to the Board of Regents. Bob Monagan will step down as chair and a new Treasurer and Secretary will be elected at the June 6, 2002 meeting. There are 33 seats allowed on the Board. Two new members were named to the Board of Regents, Hayne Moyer and Victor Ornelas. The Board is becoming more geographically oriented with a variety of talent and contribution.

President DeRosa mentioned an article in the Record regarding a $6 Million Humanities building. However, they did not mention that Humanities would be on the second floor of the Italian Cultural Center. De Rosa talked about imminent changes in the Board leadership and new additions to the Board.

5. Chair’s Report

Chair Ray informed Council that the Academic Affairs Committee did not approve the Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate Policy. This policy will be revisited next fall. Chair Ray introduced a dedication to Roland di Franco for his work on the Handbook Committee. This will be on the title page verso of all published copies of Pacific’s Faculty Handbook. Motion: moved and seconded to enthusiastically endorse the following dedication:

“Many faculty, administrators, staff, and students, deserve acknowledgement for compiling and developing this handbook over recent years. We recognize, however, as foremost among those contributors for both content and vision, Professor Roland di Franco. With this dedication we acknowledge Roland’s contributions. His exemplary investment of time, energy, contemplation, deliberation, and leadership has yielded the University this handbook.” Unanimously approved.

6. Provost Report

No Report

7. Posthumous Degrees (Draft Faculty Handbook, Chapters 11 and 12)

Provost Gilbertson informed Council that this document was drafted from many different levels starting with unit chairs working up. It will be added to both the Undergraduate and Graduate chapters in the Draft Faculty Handbook. Provost Gilbertson stated that the use for this degree would be less then one time a year. Council questioned what exactly a “minor portion of the degree” would require. Motion: moved and seconded to approve the Posthumous Degrees for both Chapter 11 and 12 of the Draft Faculty Handbook. Motion unanimously approved.

6. Doctor of Physical Therapy

The Physical Therapy Department received full accreditation at the doctorate level even though they only offer a Masters. If this revision is approved, the accreditation will stand if the University will send a letter to WASC stating that the program is now offer a Doctor of Physical Therapy. The program is a highly structured 25-month course study including summer sessions that will begin fall 2003. Refresher courses will be offered to Pacific graduates that will allow them to update their skills. The change is being requested to ensure that graduates are prepared to practice effectively in today’s health care environment. Over half of all the physical therapist professional education programs have already made this transition. If the University does it now, it won’t be forced to do it later.

Motion: moved and seconded to approve the Doctor of Physical Therapy. Motion unanimously approved.

7. History Department Program Review

Motion: moved and seconded to approve to accept and endorse Academic Affairs Program Review recommendations for the Department of History. Motion unanimously approved.

8. Addition to the MVP

Provost Gilbertson informed Council that the President was reluctant to have this inserted but the Vice Presidents were insistent and agreed that if Academic Council and the Council of Deans endorse then he would support. Council was concerned with the following: 1) the misrepresented of Administration versus Administrative; 2) services versus systems; and 3) infrastructure reminded of bridges reinforced by administrative services. Motion: moved and seconded to approve in principle the addition to the MVP. Approved with one abstention.

9. Revision of Program Review Guidelines

Roy Childs, Chair of Academic Affairs Committee, introduced Proposed Changes in the Program Review Process, a 12-point document developed by an ad hoc subcommittee of AAC at the request of Council’s Executive Board. Primarily the Proposed Changes address concern raised by faculty about the extensive time, labor, and number of people that the first cycle of program reviews required. Proposed changes include agreement between departments and administrators at the outset regarding which elements to focus on with each program, (as opposed to addressing all possible elements or categories); lengthening the cycle to seven years, from six; reducing the number of faculty on each panel; moving the annual program review calendar forward. If approved, these changes will take effect immediately and be applied to program reviews now being prepared for the upcoming academic year, the beginning of the 2nd cycle of reviews at Pacific.

Question was raised whether making panels smaller actually reduces total faculty required each year since some panels had reviewed two programs, perhaps already reducing the number of faculty involved. Childs responded “not really”—the larger panel actually broke down into two sub panels. Another concern was being sure the department under review saw the panel report before it is forwarded to administrators, particularly to allow factual errors in a report to be corrected.

This resulted in a friendly amendment to item 9, second paragraph, “Subsequent to the submission of a draft report to the unit, a meeting…”. Hudson questioned Item 5, process for selecting of student participants; Childs agreed to have AAC work with ASUOP to develop a mutually satisfactory process. Motion: moved and seconded to accept and endorse Academic Affairs proposed revisions of the Program Review Guidelines. Motion unanimously approved.

10. Other Business

Professor Richard Cohan reported on his meeting with Ed Garrick, Director of Human Resources regarding other retirement options. Director Garrick stated that a subcommittee should be formed to research the companies and Council nominated Professor Cohan to chair. Professor Cohan will give handouts on the survey results to Denia Andersen for distribution.

Council thanked Ron Ray and Becky Beal for the hard work and dedication this year.

Meeting adjourned at 5:00 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Denia Andersen, Academic Council Secretary