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November 16, 2000

Meeting Summary
November 16, 2000

1. The minutes of the October 12, 2000 meeting were approved as distributed.

2. Chair's Report: Chair Marisa Kelly welcomed Robert Monagan, Chairman of the University Board of Regents, to the meeting. The Chair thanked Mr. Monagan for his extraordinary leadership and dedication to the University. The Chair reviewed the Agenda indicating that Item 9 - Diversity Grant Proposal had been postponed until the December meeting.

3. A Conversation with President DeRosa: The President thanked Chair Kelly for inviting him to address the Council. He updated the Council on the following University issues:

  1. President DeRosa commented on the Spring and Fall University meetings that he conducted on the Stockton campus. He stated that both faculty and staff raised excellent issues and asked pertinent questions. He stated that this type of interaction between faculty staff and administration will continue. This Fall semester similar meetings were conducted at the Dental School and the McGeorge School of Law. The President indicated that he felt both meetings had been well received by faculty and staff.
  2. The President updated the Council on evolving changes with staff organization. An ad hoc group of staff have been meeting. They have developed a document which calls for an elected Staff Advisory Council which will include both Exempt and Non-Exempt staff up to Grade 11. The document should be distributed shortly. Staff will discuss it and vote on the recommendations.
  3. The President updated the Council on the National Commission. Preliminary recommendations are now coming in and all recommendations will be presented to members of the Commission at the closing meeting on January 10, 2001. The Board of Regents will then prioritize the recommendations at a Board retreat in April. Many of the recommendations will be part of the next UOP capital campaign. The President reported that the Commission has allowed Pacific to reconnect to many alumni and friends. The University will seek to maintain contact with these individuals after the Commission's work is completed. Many will likely be included on the advisory boards of individual units.
  4. President DeRosa reviewed with Council developments on the Board of Regents. There are currently six vacancies and the Board is developing a strong pool of individuals to fill them. New members will likely increase the geographical distribution of the Board with additional members from southern California and the Bay area as well as representation from other states.

President DeRosa indicated his willingness to respond to questions. In response to a question from David Keefe, he stated that the University was exploring opportunities to recruit additional students in the east and northeast. He indicated that increasing the geographical diversity of students could enhance the reputation of Pacific in different parts of the country as well as lead to increased selectivity. California is currently experiencing an economic boom. By increasing our visibility in other regions of the country it could help Pacific if the local economy changes. Reinhart Lutz asked about the projected growth of the Stockton campus student population. The President indicated that the growth target had been set at 100 students per year and that efforts were being made to target applicants for areas of the University where growth could occur without significantly increasing costs. In response to a question from Roland diFranco the President stated that he would explore ways for faculty discussion of the recommendations of the National Commission. Responding to a question from George Blum, the President indicated that the University needed to do a better job of outreaching to alumni. He mentioned the recent hiring of Bill Coen as Alumni Relations Director and stated that the University had set a goal to increase the alumni participation rate to 30%. He indicated that planning was well underway for the Alumni Weekend in June of 2001 where classes of alumni will return to campus and participate in a variety of events. Chair Kelly thanked the President for his willingness to address the Council.

4. Provost's Report: Provost Gilbertson and Vice President for Finance Pat Cavanaugh gave a power point presentation on "Tuition Policy and the Next Level of Excellence". The Board of Regents and ASUOP has received a similar presentation. The current tuition policy is designed to maintain tuition at a level that will generate sufficient funds to ensure a high quality experience for students while maintaining competitive salaries, high quality Information Technology, maintenance of campus facilities, marketing and fundraising while improving the competitive position of the institution. VP Cavanaugh indicated that the 4% tuition increase for this year was lower than many private universities in California and that the other institutions are closing the gap (catching up) to UOP's tuition putting us in a more competitive position. The presentation reviewed changes in the discount rate for Freshmen (50% in FY97 to 39% in FY 01) and for the entire student body (35% FY97 to 32% FY 00). The Provost presented information the University obtained from Stamats Communications Inc. which conducted a survey last Spring of current UOP students, UOP applicants and individuals that had inquired about Pacific. Following the presentation, Assistant Provost Mayne asked whether recent changes in the Cal Grant Program would affect student diversity on the campus. Associate Provost Rajala indicated that it probably would have little impact at UOP. In response to a question from Roland diFranco the Provost indicated that the current discount rate is about average for private institutions. In response to a question, President DeRosa indicated that scholarship support would probably be a priority in the next capital campaign. Donors have always expressed interest in this type of support for students. The Provost indicated that in addition each unit has major facility plans that will likely become part of the campaign. Chris Snell asked if there was comparative data relating faculty salaries to net tuition income. The President indicated that the size of the endowment might have a better correlation. In response to a question from Roland diFranco, the Provost indicated that 25% of the entering class was not receiving tuition assistance. Bob Cox commented that UOP might have reached a plateau with respect to selectivity and financial aid and suggested that future increases in selectivity might be increasingly difficult.

5. What's On Your Mind: Dave Fletcher reported on the recent ABET accreditation visit at the School of Engineering. He stated that he was confident the the School would receive a full 6-year accreditation. Robert Monagan, Chairman of the Board of Regents, thanked Chair Kelly for the invitation to the meeting. He stated that many highly positive changes had occurred at UOP since he last attend a Council meeting five years ago. He stated that faculty leaders the past five years had helped build a positive relationship with the Board and he was confident that this type of relationship would continue.

6. IPC Report: David Brock presented the IPC report. He indicated that IPC was currently completing the final draft of the revised Mission, Vision and Priorities statement. It will be available for distribution in early December. He reported that IPC had heard budget requests from Public Safety, OISR, Student Life, the Finance Center, and Athletics. In addition he reported that IPC was considering suggestions from the Academic Council and the Staff Resources Council.

7. Elections: The members of Council voted for members on the Academic Facilities Improvement Committee, University Awards Committee and Ad Hoc Task Force on Faculty Compensation. Members marked paper ballots.

8. ACITC Courseware Recommendation: John Livesey, Chair of ACITC, presented the recommendation that the University purchase the Blackboard Courseware package with full technical support for the first year. The package costs $4K and the support costs $11K. The proposal was approved.

9. Diversity Grant Proposal: (postponed until the December meeting)

10. Bylaws/Handbook Policies: Handbook section 1.2 was distributed for information. Bylaws Appendices 1, 2, and 3 were approved. Roland diFranco indicated that the Handbook should be completed by June 1, 2001.

11. The meeting was adjourned at 4:45pm.