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October 11, 2007

Academic Council Meeting
Minutes of October 11, 2007
University of the Pacific
Community Conference Room, Library

Business: S. Joseph (p), E. Typpo (a)
Conservatory: F. Rose (p), D. Ebbers (p)
College: M. Bates (p), K. Day (Childs, R./F07) (p), L. Fox (p), B. Klunk (p), D. Maxwell (a), L. Koehler (a), C. Vierra (p), K. Whittington (p), Z. Zhou (on leave)
Dental: R. Cohan (a), B. Lundergan (p), J. Miles (p)
Education: D. Brennan (p), R. Oprandy (L. Webster/F07(p)
Emeriti: R. di Franco (p)
Engineering: B. Ford (p), C.W. Lee (p)
Law: G. Harris (a), K. Yelpaala (p), W. Jones (p)
Library: C. Hsieh (p)
Pharmacy: J. Livesey/V. Bandy F07 (p), T. Little (p), M. Susca (p)
SIS: S. Sample (p)
ASUOP: J. Foster (a)
Ex-Officio: P. Gilbertson (p),
Guests: Berit Gundersen, L. Matz, J. Post, M. Rogers, J. Royce-Davis

1. Welcome
Chair Lydia Fox called the meeting to order at 3:00. 

2. Approval of Minutes
The minutes of September 13, 2007 were approved as submitted. 

Chair Fox indicated that Item #10 on the agenda, Admissions Initiative: Dehne Report, will be moved up on the agenda, to #5. 

3. Chair's Report
Chair Fox reported that the Regents met October 3-5. She attended several of their committee meetings and made a faculty report to the full Board at their Friday meeting. In the Regents Advancement Committee, a report was given on the survey conducted of alumni. A representative will speak at the November Academic Council meeting regarding the survey results. Pacific’s alumni are more positive about our institution than other comparable universities (83% vs. 45-82%). 

The Facilities Committee is planning to endorse a funding plan for the Technology Center at their January meeting. Construction will begin in the next academic year. A funding plan will also be endorsed in January for the Logario Janssen Community Recreation Center.

The Campaign closed out at $330 million. The University is now launching into the Pacific Fund and Vice President Leland will report to Academic Council at a future meeting. 

The faculty ballot will be distributed via e-mail within the next week with elections closing November 1st. The first task of the committees will be to review their structure (size of membership, etc.). The results will be sent to the Professional Relations Committee for reorganization. 

An announcement will be forthcoming about undergraduate research grant availability. The annual undergraduate research conference will be May 3, 2008. 

4. Provost's Report
Provost Gilbertson stated that within the next few weeks a letter will be distributed to the Stockton campus faculty regarding the process for faculty to submit their CV’s electronically. The project is being developed through Digital Measures. Student course evaluations as well as tracking and reporting of student grades will also be submitted electronically. There will be a central database. A brief discussion followed on the concern for identity theft protection. 

5. Admissions Initiatives: A response to the research on Undergraduate Enrollment
Mike Rogers discussed with Council the response to the research conducted on undergraduate enrollment which yielded a 3% decline of new freshmen. The report outlined new priority enrollment initiatives and actions steps that will be implemented or enhanced in the 2008 recruitment cycle. 

6. Election of Chair-Elect
Chair Fox stated that Kojo Yelpaala has been nominated as Chair-Elect.

Motion: B. Klunk moved, M. Bates seconded to close nominations. 

Professor Yelpaala was elected as Chair-Elect for 2007-08. 

New Members
Chair Fox introduced new members to Academic Council: Professor Sacha Joseph, Business; Bill Ford, Engineering & Computer Science; Linda Webster, Education, replacing Dennis Brennan for fall 2007. 

7. Report on First-Year Experience Initiative
Lou Matz and Joanna Royce-Davis explained the First Year Experience Innovation Initiative which works in partnership to improve student learning by designing and providing integrated experiences and opportunities that facilitate the inclusion of new students in all aspects of Pacific and Stockton community life. The Initiative assists students to make essential social, academic, and resource connections during their transition. They reviewed the 2006-07 outcomes as well as goals for 2007-08; and the projected budget for 2008-09. Brief discussion followed on the Initiative. 

8. AAC&U Core Commitments Initiative
Lou Matz gave an overview of the Core Commitments Background and Action Plan. Pacific was selected as one of 23 institutions to participate in the AAC&U Core Commitments Leadership Consortium on personal and social responsibility. The five key dimensions that form the core of this initiative are: Striving for excellence; cultivating personal and academic integrity; contributing to a larger community; taking seriously the perspectives of others; and developing competence in ethical and moral reasoning. Campus leadership teams will administer a new Personal and Social Responsibility Institutional Inventory in the fall to students, faculty, student affairs administrators, and academic administrators to register the current campus climate. Survey results and the results of institutional strength and gap analysis that teams compiled for the 2007 summer institute will guide future work at each institution and across the consortium. 

9. Consensual Personal Relationship Policy
Motion: R. di Franco moved, W. Jones seconded to take the Consensual Personal Relationship Policy off the table. Motion carried unanimously. 

Professor Jones indicated that he is willing to accept the policy as revised. 

Motion: W. Jones moved, M. Bates seconded to adopt Section 3.4 Policy on Consensual Personal Relationships Affecting University Teaching, Mentoring and Supervisory Functions. Motion carried with one opposed and one abstention. 

Under the question of the motion, lengthy discussion followed on the definition of a consensual personal relationship. 

Motion: K. Whittington moved to table the policy until a faculty forum is held on this issue. Motion died for lack of a second. 

There was further discussion and the motion was called for a vote. The policy was approved as indicated above. 

November Meeting

The remaining agenda items will be moved to the November agenda for discussion. 

10. Adjournment
Chair Fox adjourned the meeting at 5:02 p.m. 

Respectfully submitted,

Debra Miller
Academic Council Secretary