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October 11, 2012

Academic Council Meeting
October 11, 2012, 3pm
Library Community Room

Call to Order @ 3:00 pm

Business: J. Post (p), S. Wheeler (p)
Conservatory: F. Hsiao (a), B. Phillips (p)
College: M. Bates (p), C. Goff (p), B. Herrin (a), K. Holland (a), C. Lehmann (p), J. Lu (p), L. Rademacher (a), A. Smith (p), C. Snell (a), B. Swagerty (p), L. Wrischnik (p)
Dental: J. Miles (p), A. Nattestad (p), R. White (p)
Education: H. Arnold (p), T. Nelson (a), L. Webster (p)
Emeriti: R. di Franco (p)
Engineering: C. Lee (a), S. Larwood (p)
Law: L. Carter (a), F. Galves (a), W. Jones (p)
Library: R. Imhof (p)
PHS: L. Boles (a), S. Carr-Lopez (p), J. Ward-Lonergan (p), C. Wilson (p)
SIS: A. Kanna (a)
ASUOP: K. Dantzler (p), tbd
Ex-Officio: P. Eibeck (p), M. Pallavicini (p), B. Gundersen (a), D. Neault (a)
Guests: Alan Hensley, Bett Schumacher, Eric Typpo

Welcome by the chair and introductions by attendees. The dental school joins via videoconferencing.

I. Approval of Consent Agenda
A. Minutes from September 13 Academic Council Meeting

The consent agenda was explained - it contains items that have been reviewed by the Executive Board and are being submitted for automatic approval. If any member of council would like to discuss something on the consent they can move to have it removed from the consent agenda.

II. Reports
A. Chairperson's Report - Harriett Arnold
Adding agenda item III F - Faculty Compensation Committee Report by Bill Swagerty.
Jane Lewis will be invited to our November meeting to discuss health benefits. Faculty Governance Office (FGO) update: Harriett attended the Board of Regents meeting and provided an update on elections to executive board (S. Carr-Lopez, R. Imhof, W. Jones, J. Lu), which meets weekly on Thursday's 3-5 in the FGO. She also reported on last spring's successful electronic on-line committee elections. Marlin is working with individual committees - progress reports will be due in January. We will have elections again in the spring electronically. She also shared the emeriti status and handbook revisions approved by Council last year, including Library bylaws; and our input on the UDCC, Core Identity Project, Institutional Effectiveness and the Diversity Taskforce. She shared faculty's concerns about SIS and provided information about the New Faculty Orientation. The fall All-Faculty meeting was held on September 17th in Grace Covell followed by the President's address to the faculty and a reception. A regent shared concerns received from students and faculty regarding the SIS changes, and student concerns regarding financial aid. The subcommittee of the regents on Academic Affairs and student life wanted to ensure that the Academic Council chair and the ASuop President knew that the messages that they presented at the Board of Regents meeting were heard.- Regent Stirling commented that she has personally served on the Board of the School of International Studies and that she is heartened and thrilled that the faculty of SIS and COP are working together during this transition while keeping the core of the program at the forefront of the transition. Regent Callahan advised that the Academic Affairs/Student Life Committee sees the Academic Council Chair and ASuop President as bridges to Pacific's constituencies, and hopes that they carry back the message that faculty members and students have a voice through them. Harriett and Chris Goff attended the opening of the Ted and Chris Robb Garden last Friday.

B. President's Report - Pam Eibeck
Hired a new VP for Advancement and Alumni Relations - Burnie Atterbury - he was able to attend the Board of Regent's meeting. Faculty is invited to meet Mr. Atterbury at a party on October 17 from 4-6 in the president's backyard. The regent's approved the Strategic plan at the Board meeting, it is now official and will be distributed beyond our campus. The president provided an update on the Core Identity Research findings and an executive summary (attached to minutes) will be forwarded for distribution to Academic Council. This was a reputational survey conducted in winter-spring 2012 to identify the perceptions of the University among internal and external audiences. The results will determine in these competitive times how we are going to sell ourselves to the public. The goal is to articulate how to describe Pacific in a targeted way to our audiences and distinguish ourselves.

C. Provost's Report - Maria Pallavicini
Academic Affairs: The Regents approved the Endodontics Program. The Master of Accounting program is in process and they hope to have it approved at the January regent's meeting. The School of Business would like to begin admitting students next fall. Last June the deans met to discuss new programs that would align with the approved strategic plan (Health -related programs and a Masters of Law). They are considering the approach of the new programs to include technology in the delivery method. She has retained a consulting firm to do a marketing analysis of about eight programs, including graduate programs, where they should be located, identify the demand in our three locations, and obtain feedback from potential students: online, hybrid, evening, etc. They will also gather information on our competitiveness to offer these programs. Results are expected from the consulting firm in early December and then will be putting programs through Academic Affairs. She also wants to work with Academic Affairs on the feasibility of how to proceed with these programs. A vision statement for the CTL has been created, the deans, Council of Assistant/Associate Deans (CAD), and faculty were involved in its development. She is asking for feedback on this vision - it will go out tonight. This will allow her to create a position description for the director. Also, she retained a consulting firm to see how we can use financial aid to attract and retain students at the freshman and transfer level. This report will also be ready in December.

Faculty Affairs: The P&T committee submitted recommendations via memo to the Provost last spring. These recommendations were sent to faculty at the end of last semester. The proposal is based on issues the committee has identified over the last few years. They want to make the process more transparent, and have reviewed best practices used at other institutions. Comments have been gathered from the initial feedback last Spring, all of the initial comments have been gathered as well as the provost's comments and are on a spreadsheet that will be sent out for additional comment by November 1. Asking that faculty go to a website and have the opportunity for final comments. The deans have also reviewed and made comments. The goal is to get this to PRC so they can work on modifications to the handbook. The goal is to complete this by December 1. There will probably not be any changes to P&T this year, changes made will take effect next year.

Personnel: Bill Herrin hired as Director of SIS (60% appointment). He is on faculty development leave this semester, so he will begin on January 1. The dean search for the School of Engineering and Computer Science: Next Monday and Tuesday airport interviews will be conducted with 8-9 candidates and select 3-4 who will come to the campus in early November. The dean search for the College: Reviewing and selecting candidates for airport interviews taking place now. The goal is to conduct airport interviews just before Thanksgiving, with campus visits scheduled for the first two weeks in December. There is a good candidate pool for both positions.

A question was raised regarding the format of the unit strategic plans due in December that are to be aligned with the University's strategic plan. This document should be written at a high level and the deans have the format information.

III. Information Items
A. Executive Board Elections Results
Sian Carr-Lopez, Robin Imhof, Warren Jones, and Jie Lu were elected to the Academic Council Executive Board for the 2012-13 academic year.

B. New Faculty Orientation Luncheon and Professional Development
The first luncheon was held on September 27th in the CTL. Chris Goff and Berit Gundersen are responsible for planning. Items on the agenda were the Wiley Learning Institute courses, and the institutional membership of the National Center for Faculty Diversity and Development. The next luncheon will be on October 25th and will focus on the use of technology in the classroom and undergraduate research. Another luncheon is scheduled in November and three more sessions will be scheduled in the spring.

C. School of International Studies Update
Analiese Richard has provided an update via a memo which has been distributed to council. Additionally, a draft of a proposed policy to discuss the process on restructuring academic units was distributed - FHB Section 3.7 Policy on Restructuring Academic Units. Comment to make clear that the provost selects the deans. This will also need to be approved by Administration. Requesting feedback on the current draft and will resubmit to council at the November meeting.

D. Minor Children on Campus Policy Update
Laura Rademacher, attended a meeting on 9.28.12 where faculty and staff concerns were discussed. This policy has been temporarily suspended. Faculty present at the meeting emphasized that the policy text doesn't seem to match the goals of the policy, in fact, the portion of the policy that relates to faculty (which is currently the longest portion) could be significantly simplified/scaled back. The group agreed that Lynn King would work on re-wording the policy to include a brief introduction to why we have a minor children on campus policy and a modification to the wording regarding faculty and staff. The part of the policy regarding kid camps, etc., will remain the same. They agreed that the committee that met on 9/28 would review the revised policy, and then it would be presented to Risk Management, etc.

The President confirmed that there is comfort with policy with regard to students in our care. This issue of employee and student's children on campus, is where a question has been raised. Lynn King has expressed concern over whether all three groups should be treated differently or not. The ASuop president stated that they have not been involved in the vetting of this policy. The president will inform Lynn King to make contact with ASuop

E. Memorandum from President Eibeck Re: Board of Regents
This informational item was sent to the executive board and they are sharing with council. The President's office was asked to put out a memo regarding this issue. They are not trying to build a wall, they just need to have the information and are hoping to provide clarity.

F. Faculty Compensation Committee Report - Bill Swagerty
Reported that they have had two meetings, one on 9.27 and one today. The first included Jane Lewis and VP Cavanugh regarding health benefits, and this will become a standard meeting for FCC to meet prior to the benefits letter being sent out. Bill hasn't seen the letter yet, but he believes it is positive overall. There is a $500 increase in the lifetime orthodontics benefit - raised from $1,500 to $2,000. The university is moving toward standardization of all financing - equal employer support regardless of plan. There will be small increases in cost this year. The benefits letter should be out next week. Today, the committee met with Barbara Shaw regarding summer stipends and salaries, and the reformulation - she brought 4-5 models and asked for input. The next meetings are scheduled for 11.8 and 12.6 to discuss workload issues and the provost will attend the December meeting. The percentage increase for medical is up 7.5% for Anthem BC HMO + Vision; 1.3% for Anthem POS + Vision; and 1.2% for Kaiser HMO + Vision. Delta Dental PPO is up 2.6% and Delta Care USA HMO has no increase. All life, accident, and disability plans will be renewed without change.  Issue raised that few are in POS and are effectively subsidizing it for everyone else in the future. This small group is currently keeping it on the books as an option. Asking that this be addressed in the future by FCC. Similar to the Long-term health care plans of the university that have few members and high costs associated with this benefit.

IV. Action Items
A. Course Syllabus 11.7 (recommendation from Academic Affairs) Eric Typpo, chair of Academic Affairs, in attendance. Last academic year, the Academic Affairs committee reviewed the syllabus requirements, submitted for approval by Academic Council are the revisions and additions to the syllabus requirements. This applies only to undergraduate courses. Provost would like to add course delivery information - on-line, hybrid, location, etc. This could be included in additional student responsibilities, or suggested that we add course location(s) to item number 1 for clarification. Discussion on item 2, does it have to be the catalog copy? Revision to add "with reference to" the catalog copy. Regarding ADA requirement, is there a proposed statement? Yes, Danny Nuss has sample language. Can this information, as well as Honor Code language be made available to faculty? Lou Matz will provide sample language and it will be posted on several web locations. The provost requested that the Academic Affairs committee look at developing a syllabus template for faculty. There was discussion on eventually adding an on-line link from the catalog to the course syllabus. Suggestion to not have a full syllabus, but perhaps general information and the learning objectives available on-line.

Motion to extend the discussion by 5 minutes by C. Lehmann, seconded by W. Jones.

Chris Goff motions to approve with changes to item #1 (add course location(s)), and item #2 (add "with reference to" after description), S. Larwood seconds, motion passes with 1 opposed and 1 abstention.

B. Department Name Change Form (tabled from 9.13 meeting)
Chris Goff stated there are no updates to report, so this issue remains tabled.

C. Personal Relationship Policy
Motion to approve by M. Bates, seconded by R. DiFranco.
Question raised if this would be in the faculty handbook. It is currently, but with the new project that MaryLou Lackey is in charge of, it may be pulled from the faculty handbook. This was developed last year by a group that met with outside consultant to make sure this is consistent with federal law. The executive board identified a spelling error and the need for additional definitions. Asking that the feedback be sent to Jane Lewis. Does this policy require academic council approval? Yes, so we can't take action yet, we are only to provide feedback at this time. Issue raised that the wording is soft and ambiguous and that self-reporting is not realistic. Shouldn't there be a zero tolerance policy? Request to review and provide comments to Harriett Arnold by November 1. This is requested for item IV. D. as well. R. diFranco withdraws his second, item(s) are removed from the agenda as action items.

D. Sexual Harassment Policy
Feedback requested by November 1 to Harriett Arnold, item removed from the agenda as an action item.

V. What's On Your Mind?
University Bookstore: A few members of Council raised the issue that they have been having increased problems with the university bookstore and textbooks not being available to students or less than the number ordered being available, even though they are ordered six months in advance.

Graduate Studies Committee: At the most recent Graduate Studies Directors meeting new policies were distributed and there are faculty concerns from the Committee on Graduate Studies that these new policies were not vetted by the committee, but handed to them by the deans. Items such as who can sit in on a thesis, admissions issues, GRE requirements. What can be done now? M. Bates will investigate why these policies did not come before the Graduate Studies Committee.

Clinical faculty versus Tenure Track Faculty: The School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences would like to bring this issue forward to open the discussion on clinical faculty versus tenure track faculty as there are faculty that have been here for various years who would like to serve on committees. We need to consider job titles of faculty - definitions need to be clarified. Council is asking the provost for a list of faculty job titles.

M. Bates announced the Pat Kennedy Round Robin debates to be held November 2, at the Stockton Civic Auditorium. The event is being sponsored by the Stockton Railroad Commission, with social hour 5:30 - dinner 6:30 - debate 7:15. Speaker will be Dianne Feinstein or Barbara Boxer.

VI. Chairperson's Report
A. Faculty Governance Update
B. President's Advisory Committee Meeting
C. Board of Regent's Meeting
D. Ted & Chris Robb Garden
E. All-Faculty Meeting, September 19
F. President Eibeck's address to the faculty

Adjourn @4:53 pm