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September 8, 2011

Academic Council
September 8, 2011
Library Community Room

Business: S. Wheeler (p)
Conservatory: F. Hsiao (p), B. Phillips (p)
College: M. Bates (p), S. Giraldez (p), C. Goff (p), K. Holland (p), C. Lehmann (a), J. Lu (p), L. Rademacher (p), C. Snell (p), T. Storch (a), B. Swagerty (a), L. Wrischnik (p)
Dental: L. Giusti (p), J. Miles (p), R. White (a)
Education: H. Arnold (p), T. Nelson (p), L. Webster (a)
Emeriti: R. di Franco (p)
Engineering: C. Lee (a)
Law: G. Caplan (p), W. Jones (p), M. Vitiello (p)
Library: S. Sutton (p)
PHS: S. Carr-Lopez (p), X. Guo (a), T. Phelan (p), J. Ward-Lonergan (p)
SIS: A. Kanna (p)
ASUOP: tbd
Ex-Officio: B. Schumacher (p), M. Pallavicini (p), B. Gunderson (p), D. Neault (p)
Guests: Shanna Eller, Camilla Saviz, Gene Person, Brian Klunk

Call to order: 3:02pm

1. Approval of Minutes for May 5, 2011
M. Bates moved to approve, R. di Franco seconded, unanimously approved.

2. Chair's Report-
Chair Goff introduced himself as this year's chair and welcomed all new and returning members to the council, also welcomed Bett Schumacher, deputy to the president, attending for President Eibeck. Introduced Provost Pallavicini, Marlin Bates, timekeeper/parliamentarian, Harriet Arnold, Chair-elect, Lourdes Reyes, Administrative Asst. II for the newly created Faculty Governance Office located in Burns Tower, 6th floor (209)932-4456, (e-mail New office given functions from Provost's Office for Faculty Support. Lourdes reports to chair of council (rotates annually). Chair Goff will be in office Tuesdays/Thursdays. Will begin by supporting Academic Council & Academic Affairs Committee, adding additional duties as time permits. Thanks to the Provost's office and Victoria Oliva for assistance during the transition.

New Faculty Orientation also part of this office's responsibility this year, along with CTL. Orientation was held August 24-26, orientation to continue throughout the year. Looking for a subcommittee from members of the Academic Council to work on this, there is a budget. Please let Chris, or Harriet know if you're interested.

Important date reminders: September 14 - 2nd Annual Presidents Address at 12:20 in Grace Covell Hall, followed by the Fall All-Faculty Meeting, where Chair Goff will introduce the newly created Faculty Governance Office and strategic planning. President's Reception will be from 5:00-6:30 at the President's house, please RSVP. September 24 - Strategic Planning Symposium in the University Ballroom at the DeRosa Center from 10:30-12:30 will feature Don Norris, Consultant and Anya Kamenetz. There will be 10 breakout groups following from 12:30-3:30 in Grace Covell Hall, lunch will be provided and everyone is encouraged to attend. Also announced that the Bechtel International Center will have an informational meeting on Tuesday, September 20 from 4-5pm on Teaching Abroad for a summer or a semester.

3. President's Report-
Bett Schumacher, Deputy to the President, presented the president's report. Remind everyone about the President's Address to the faculty on September 14th at 12:22pm. The president would like to thank the Faculty Governance Office for their participation in strategic planning with her goal being Maximum Faculty Engagement. During the Board of Regents April Session, a mandate was made to create a comprehensive University Wide Enterprise Risk Management System (ERM), to address the following issues: vulnerability to lawsuits, financial risks, IT risks, natural disaster risks, patient/client care units, operational risks "lab safety." She wanted to thank the WASC team and congratulate them on finishing the working draft report. Would like to announce her 5 goals which are available on the website, the cabinets and regents had input on these: 1. Plan our Future (Strategic Planning), 2. Improve Student Success 3. Prepare for a comprehensive fundraising campaign 4. Create a more vibrant Stockton Campus 5. Enhance Institutional Effectiveness and Improvement

4. Provost Report-
Provost Pallavicini reported the following: working on Institutional Effectiveness - institutional based decision-making for academic and administrative services using assessment and data use. We collect data/evidence and learn from it. WASC - In fall will be meeting with departments to discuss the new process.

Dean search updates: SOECS, Dean Ravi Jain is going to retire 6/30/12, beginning to form an institutional search committee. Law School Dean, a search firm was hired, interviews will be scheduled for late October/early November. School for International Studies search, candidates coming forward in the fall.

Update on Dugoni Dental School Building update, progress is continuing, but still need to sell student apartment buildings. Center for Teaching & Learning (CTL) Director is needed. We have an interim director now. She would like to seek input from faculty on their use of the center and how to use it in the future, in order to develop a framework to create a position descriptor. Will be seeking input mid-October.

Board of Regents meets 3x year for 1.5 days, this is a decrease from 3 day meetings in the past. The Office of Student Life and Academic Affairs will be sharing joint meeting time at the meeting; working on enrollment update and academic profile of students, majors, retention, and diversity. Will also discuss Institutional Effectiveness at the WASC meeting with Regents in the fall.

Sheila O'Rourke (UC Berkeley consultant) has been hired to study/investigate gender issues with regard to faculty promotion/tenure/climate at Pacific. She has received data from the Institutional Research Office and is expecting a report within a month. This report will be made available to the Academic Council. Issues dealing with the climate within different schools and units may have to be addressed further. She will also be having Ms. O'Rourke provide training to the members of the grievance committee/Assistant &Associate Deans on investigative techniques and how to conduct an investigation.

Finally, she is looking forward to working with council this year and has high expectations for the new unit. She would like to encourage the members of the Academic Council to keep communication flow with other faculty on issues. Help her with ideas on improving communication from the Provost's office to the faculty as well.

5. Sustainability Goals-
Gene Pearson, former chair, and Camilla Saviz, current chair, introduced the university's new Director of Sustainability, Shanna Eller. Shanna's office is located in the John Muir Center. The 22 January 2011 DRAFT of the University-wide Sustainability Goals was open for discussion with time extended by 5 minutes on a motion made by C. Goff and seconded by T. Phelan unanimously approved.

Commitment statement prepared by committee approved in 2009. Now developing a set of goals and action plan - see handout - draft of goals. Here to address any concerns or if anything is missing. Will work on updates to goals this semester with the intent of returning to academic council for endorsement at the end of this semester or beginning of next semester.

Issues raised included the need for consistent language in the first paragraph of the Commitment statement, under item II, addressing use of leaf-blowers on campus, use of petro-chemicals and pesticides, and considering large scale composting such as Sonoma State University has implemented, becoming a model citizen for reducing the use of small engine machine use on campus. Need to look at what other units are doing, such as risk management, look into duplication of efforts. Provost Pallavicini raised issues regarding the timeframes of the goals; focus on environment only, would like to see "communities" included or considered; expand the MOVE program to include professional programs as a goal or something to be explored? Language needs to be clarified.

Camilla is available to meet with individuals for further discussion/input and can be emailed within the next two weeks for additional input.

6. Executive Board Elections-
Chair Goff explained that the executive board is made up of the chair, chair-elect, past chair plus four additional members, they meet weekly Thursdays, 3-5 when not meeting with Academic Council, help set Agenda, work out issues that are brought to council.

Chair-elect Harriet Arnold thanked everyone she contacted that helped her with the process. She distributed the Ballot for the Executive Board of the Academic Council. Results are as follows: Chris Snell, Kieran Holland, Jeff Miles and Tamara Phelan were elected to Executive Board of Academic Council.

7. Handbook Addition: Research Misconduct Policy-
The full policy can be found on-line under Graduate & Research Policy. Information regarding this policy was not in the faculty handbook and this addition is needed to refer to the policy. The original policy was approved in 1998. Motion to approve B. Phillips, seconded S. Carr-Lopez, unanimously approved, w/amendment to add a term to of 2 years to last sentence ...Executive Board of the Academic Council for a term of 2 years, as the person to whom allegations of misconduct will be referred. Motion to amend by R. di Franco, second by T. Phelan, unanimously approved.

8. Handbook Change: Student Grievance Board-
Motion to table since revised language not submitted by M. Vitiello, seconded by B. Phillips, unanimously approved.

9. Handbook Addition: Sexual Misconduct Reporting Memo-
Not a policy, approved by university lawyers, brought to us in part by Corrie Martin of the Women's Resource Center, faculty not mandated reporters, but can be if they are a faculty advisor to a student organization. This is an effort to get our sexual misconduct resources more prominently displayed throughout the University, such as our Faculty Handbook. Motion to approve by M. Bates, seconded by H. Arnold during discussion Susan Giraldez raised the issue of the title and the inappropriateness or confusion to faculty and its application. Motion to table until next meeting to have a chance to meet with Student Life & Corrie Martin by S. Giraldez, seconded by J. Caplan, unanimously approved. Chair Goff will invite Corrie Martin to next month's meeting.

Berit Gundersen will check consistency with University Policy.

10. Faculty on Search Committee, Dean, SOECS-
Motion was made by R. DiFranco, seconded by M. Bates, unanimously approved with an amendment by S. Giraldez to add outside faculty representation to the SOECS Dean Search Committee chosen by the provost in consultation with the Academic Council Executive Board.

11. WASC Update-Brian Klunk-
Handouts distributed: Rubric for The Educational Effectiveness Framework and Commission and Team Indicators. These are being used by the team and commission to determine how long to renew our accreditation. Visiting Team scheduled to return April 2-4. Expect to hear from the commission in early July with the determination of our reaffirmation of institutional accreditation. It can be from as few as 7 years to as much as 10 years. May require interim report from self-study or their examination of our university.

We are in second stage - Educational effectiveness review - what do we know and what do we do with that we know (educational effectiveness). Our Self-Study has focused on series of recommendations made last July has been completed, based on the following 5 sections: Pacific's distinctive programs - Lydia Fox; Learning assessment at the institutional/program levels - Eric Boyce; Student success - deep study - financial aid policies/practices - Joanna Royce-Davis; Program review practices - Rahim Khoie; Sustainability of learning assessment - Greg Rohlf

Draft of self-study completed, available to UOP community by end of month. Going to all academic units to discuss and get feedback on draft - completed report January 1st, in February team will tell us who they want to meet with.

Questions can be sent to Brian Klunk.

12. Strategic Planning Committee-
Symposium Kick-off September 24th. Committee proposed by Provost and President, characteristics for faculty members, Motion to approve the charge of the strategic planning committee Tamara Phelan, seconded by L. Giusti, unanimously approved, with motion to extend discussion time by L. Wrischnik, seconded by R. di Franco: Executive Board to select 4 members and provide a list to the president to select additional members. Asking committee members to submit names to Chair and give brief explanation why they would be an asset to the committee, needed by next Wednesday at the latest. Executive Board meets on Thursday.

Second paragraph: Add Executive Board of Academic Council. Strike "proposed" "nominees," add "provide the following" 4 mandatory placements from Academic Council, and a list to the president to select 3 members. In first paragraph strike "approximately" and the last sentence "The President will make all appointments" delete nominate replace with select.

Discussion: Scope of committee - workload 2 x month during fall, 1x wk after first of year...key group in process, receiving information from working groups. Committee should be comprised primarily of faculty. A list of names would be preferred. The academic council determines the method of selection for university committees (7.2 of handbook). Allow executive board to vet a list and appoint selections from list of names submitted by deans, cabinet and academic council. Suggestion made to have AC select some and give president a list to select from as well.

13. Strategic Planning and Faculty Input-
Ten cross-cutting issue committees, put on hold, let it happen organically at the symposium.

14. Meeting Adjourned 5:08pm