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September 9, 1999

University of the Pacific
Academic Council
September 9, 1999
Meeting Summary

1. Minutes of the May 13 meeting and the April 29 special meeting were approved.

2. Chair’s Report: Chair Christopher Snell reviewed the positive nature of the joint meeting between members of the Council and members of IPC which took place on August 27. He also listed the initiatives that are on the agenda for this year. They include Information Technology, Experiential Learning, Ethics across the Curriculum and Leadership initiatives.

3. A Conversation with President Donald DeRosa: President DeRosa reviewed the changes that are underway in the Office of Institutional Advancement which will strengthen the Universities ability to attract additional alumni and major gifts. A search is underway for a Vice-President of Development. John Evey will coordinate and develop major gift prospects for the Brubeck Institute, Italian Cultural Center, and Art/Geology Complex. President DeRosa provided information about this year's entering class. Approximately 750 Freshman enrolled, higher than the number used for budget projections. The yield rate increased by several percentage points. The President stated that he hoped that Pacific will soon be viewed as a top alternative to the UCs and Stanford because of the diversity and quality of our programs. The President encouraged the faculty to "stretch" themselves as they improve existing programs and develop new ones. The President outlined plans for the Commission on the Future of Pacific which will involve students, faculty, administrators, Regents, alumni and friends. The Commission will help us refine and select initiatives developed by individual units. It will also allow Pacific to build stronger ties to key alumni and friends.

In response to questions President DeRosa indicated that Vice Presidents Chambers and Cavanaugh were working on plans to house additional new students in residence halls next fall should enrollment stay high as hoped. He indicated that the Stockton campus might increase enrollment over time to 4600-4800 but would
not continue to grow because at that point UOP would loose some of the culture of a mid sized campus. Growth would be targeted at those areas of the University that are not currently over-enrolled. He indicated that growth would not come at the expense of quality. The president also reported that the Financial Aid discount rate remained constant this year and reviewed initiatives that were underway to develop stronger ties to the Stockton community.

4. Open Forum (What's On Your Mind?) Roland DiFranco asked what role Council would play in the review of documents which will be submitted to WASC in October. The documents will be posted on web sites once revisions are complete and there will be two open meetings on September 28th and September 30th.

5. Provost's Report: Provost Gilbertson reported that enrollment this Fall is approximately 5% above the budgeted enrollment. The numbers of entering Freshmen and Transfer students came in above budget. He thanked those faculty who had been involved in final recruitment efforts which may have had a significant impact on the increased yield. The Provost reported that there were significant increases in new students in COP, Engineering and Business.

6. Academic Council Representative to Information Technology Planning Committee: The Council elected Roland diFranco to a one year term as the Council representative on the University Information Technology Planning Committee.

7. Changes in IPC Membership: The Council approved the changes in IPC membership recommended by the IPC. They included the appointment of the new Athletics Director to a two-year appointment and appointment of two members from the staff by the President to one year terms.

8. Faculty Bylaws Revision - Revisions proposed by the Provost and President were reviewed and approved. The revised document will be circulated to the faculty for comment and submitted to a faculty vote in October.
The Provost commended Roland diFranco for his work on the Bylaws.

9. Institutional Priorities Committee Report: Lydia Fox reported on activities of IPC. The agenda and minutes are now on the web []. The site has a hot link on the front page of the Council Web site. Lydia suggested that Council present recommendations to IPC in May of 2000 so that IPC can review them over the summer.

The meeting adjourned at 4:45pm.