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Academic Affairs Committee on Undergraduate Studies Meeting Documents: May 4, 2017

Program Proposals                                                                              
BFA Graphic Design (unit reduction)
BA Geological and Environmental Sciences (course addition)
BS Geological and Environmental Sciences (course addition)
BS Chemistry (required course number change)   

Minutes of March 2, 2017          
Minutes of April 6, 2017

Course Proposals:   
GESC 195 Professional Development Seminar
CHEM 158 Nucleic Acid Chemistry
PSYC 017 Clinical and Abnormal Psychology (online modality)
PSYC 31 Introduction to Psychology (online modality)
PSYC 015 Cognitive Psychology (cross listing)
PHIL 11 Introduction to Philosophy (online modality)
PHIL 125 Introduction to Cognitive Science (cross listing)
ENGL 123 Film, Literature, and the Arts (online modality)
ARTS 075 Graphic Design I (prerequisite change)
ARTS 077 Graphic Design II (change in catalog copy)
ARTS 079 Typography (prerequisite change)
ARTH 101 History of Graphic Design (title change)
ARTS 103 Graphic Production (prerequisite change)
ARTS 105 Time Based Media: Web Design (title change)
ARTS 115 Time Based Media: Motion Graphics (title and prerequisite change)
ARTS 127 Illustration (prerequisite change)
ARTS 171 Graphic III (prerequisite change)
ARTS 173 Graphic Design Studio Seminar (unit change)   
MCOM 127 Music, Sound, and Film (prerequisite change)