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Academic Affairs Committee on Undergraduate Studies Meeting Documents: January 19, 2017

Program Proposals                                                                              
College of the Pacific
Health , Exercise and Sport Sciences
BA Sports Management
BA Health, Exercise and Sport Sciences
BA English (change requirements)
BA English (change catalog on minor requirements)  
SIS - Global Studies
BA Global Studies 
BA International Affairs and Commerce
BA Intrnational Relations
BA History
BA Social Science

Minutes - December 1, 2016
Course Proposals
College of the Pacific
Mathematics and History
MATH 064 Ancient Arithmetic
HIST 066 Ancient Arithmetic
Health, Exercise and Sport Sciences
HESP 160 Principles of Coaching
HESP 101 Sport Data and Analytis
HESP 176 Sport Management Capstone
HESP 142 Sport & Globalization
HESP 187A Internship Sport Management 
HESP 153 Equity and Inclusion
HESP 155 Motor Learning
HESP 159 Educator in Preparation
PSYC 53 Behavioral Psychology
PSYC 253 Teaching & Supervising Behavior Change
PSYC 254 Child Mental Health
PSYC 255 Couples & Family Therapy
PSYC 256 Behavioral Medicine