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The Academic Affairs Committee on Undergraduate Studies has fourteen voting members (Faculty Handbook 6.2.1):

  • Six faculty members, each elected for staggered three-year terms by their respective faculties, one each from:
    • Conservatory of Music 
      email James Haffner - Term expires 2018
    • Eberhardt School of Business
      email Peter Hilsenrath - Term expires 2019
    • School of Engineering and Computer Science 
      email Hector Estrada Term expires 2020
    • School of International Studies
      email Ahmed Kanna - Term expires 2019
    • Gladys Benerd School of Education 
      email Elaine Mo- Term expires 2020
    • TJL School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
       Wade Russu- Term expires 2018
    • Three faculty members from College of the Pacific:
      • Natural Sciences, email Jianhua Ren - Term expires 2018
      • Social Sciences, email TBD - Term expires 2020
      • Humanities,  email Jake Cipris - Term expires in 2019
  • The Chair of the Graduate Studies Committee email Ben Carlston, COP
  • The Provost or designee email Cyd Jenefsky
  • Three students: the ASuop Director of Academic Affairs plus two students appointed by ASuop. One of these three should be a graduate student, one should be enrolled in a professional school, and the third should represent a major in the liberal arts.
    • ASuop Representative, TBD
    • Two students appointed by ASUOP
      • Professional School Representative, TBD
      • Graduate Student, TBD

There are also fourteen ex-officio, non-voting members:

  • The Chair of the Academic Affairs Committee of the Regents, Janet Y. Spears
  • The Asst Vice Provost and Director of Admissions, Chris Krzak
  • The Chair of the Academic Regulations Comminitte and The University Registrar, Margo Landy
  • The Dean of the Library, Mary Somerville
  • The Vice President for Student Life, Patrick Day
  • Student Life Representative, Rhonda Bryant
  • All academic deans
    • Vanessa Sheared, Dean, Gladys Benerd School of Education
    • Peter Witte, Conservatory of Music
    • Bill Herrin, Director, School of International Studies
    • Steven Howell, Dean, School of Engineering and Computer Science
    • Thomas Naehr Dean of the Graduate School
    • Rena Fraden, Dean, College of the Pacific
    • Phillip Oppenheimer, Dean, Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
    • David Dauwalder, Interim Dean, Eberhardt School of Business

The Chair is elected from among the faculty members on the committee.