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December 1, 2011

Academic Affairs Committee
DeRosa University Center 211A/B
3:00 - 5:00 PM


I. Approval of Minutes - Action
November 3, 2011

II. Program Changes - Action
College of the Pacific
Department of Modern Language and Literature
Cultura y Civilización
Hispanic Language and Literature
Spanish Pedagogy

III. Consent - Action
College of the Pacific
Department of History
HIST 125 Early America: From Settlement to New Nation
HIST 121 Colonial America
HIST 122 Revolution and New Nation
Department of Modern Language and Literature
SPAN 132 Literatura Española
SPAN 134 Literatura latinoamericana
LANG 195 MLL Capstone Seminar
SPAN 120 Narrativa Hispanica
SPAN 140 Traducción
SPAN 101 Composición avanzada (change prerequisite requirement to "recommended")
SPAN 103 Introducción a la literatura hispánica (change prerequisite requirement to "recommended")
SPAN 110 Civilización hispanoamericana (change prerequisite requirement to "recommended")
SPAN 112 Civilización Española (change prerequisite requirement to "recommended")
SPAN 122 Literatura mexicana (change prerequisite requirement to "recommended")
SPAN 124 Escritores hispanos en los Estados Unidos (change prerequisite requirement to "recommended")
SPAN 126 Poesía hispánica (change prerequisite requirement to "recommended")
SPAN 128 Teatro hispánico (change prerequisite requirement to "recommended")
SPAN 133 Don Quijote (change prerequisite requirement to "recommended")
SPAN 135 Literatura hispanoamericana del siglo XX (Title and prerequisite change)
Department of Psychology
PSYC 152 Parenting
PSYC 285e Behavior Analysis Internship I (P/NC grading only)
PSYC 285f Behavior Analysis Internship II (P/NC grading only)
PSYC 297 Graduate Research (P/NC grading only)

School of Engineering and Computer Science
ECPE 170 Computer Systems and Networks (change in prerequisites)

School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Department of Physiology and Pharmacology
PHYP 113 Teaching Anatomy, Physiology & Pathophysiology Laboratory (title and prerequisite change)

IV. Revision to new forms-Request for Rationale - Discussion/Action
New Course Proposal Form, Revision to Existing Course Proposal Form

V. January Meeting Date - Discussion

VI. What's on your mind? - Discussion