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December 6, 2007

Academic Affairs Committee
McCaffrey Center Pine Room
December 6, 2007
3:00 - 5:00 PM


I.    Approval of Minutes   (Action)
         November 1, 2007

II.    Consent Agenda  (Action)

         School of Engineering and Computer Sciences

MECH162 - Combustion
Course Deletions
COMP005 - Freshman Seminar
COMP73 - Applied Operating Systems
COMP37 - Data Communication Environment
COMP125 - Social, Ethical and Legal Issues in Computing
COMP171 - GUI Programming

Name Change(s)
COMP51 - From: Computer Science I - Proposed Title To: Introduction to Computer Science
COMP53 - From: Computer Science II - Proposed Title To: Data Structures

Prerequisite Changes
ECPE005-Introduction to Electrical and Computer Engineering: 
Prerequisites of: ENGR05; Change to: ENGR010

BENG005-Introduction to Bioengineering:
Prerequisite of: ENGR005;  Change to: ENGR10
College of the Pacific/Department of History
HIST50 and HIST51:  Moved from department's.  Globally oriented courses list to the foundational courses list. Change in distribution of units for the minor

Modern Languages and Literature
SPAN114 Cine Hispano

PHIL122 - Philosophy of Language

Religion and Classical Studies
RELI30 - Western Religious Traditions
RELI102 - History of Ancient Egypt and the Near East    

  III.   Program Changes (Action)
           College of the Pacific
           Political Science:  Addition - Major Requirement
           POLS81 Career/Internship Prep or
           INTL151 Cross Cultural Training I -  Syllabus POLS 81

          Conservatory of Music 
          Music Studies and Performance- Major Requirement
          MCOM9 Introduction to Music Technology
IV.    CAPP (Action)
           Revised Implementation Plan for Grade Averaging Policy 

 V.     Course Description Update Process (Discussion)

VI.     Program Review Process (Discussion)

VII.    Chair Elect

VIII.  Adjournment