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February 2, 2012

Academic Affairs Committee
DeRosa University Center 211A/B
February 2, 2012
3:00 - 5:00 PM

I. Provost - Maria Pallavicini - Informational

II. Approval of Minutes - Action
January 19, 2012

III. Consent - Action
College of Pacific
Department of English
ENGL 105 Technical Writing (title and course number change)
ENGL 109 Writing in the Workplace (title change)

General Education
PACS 3 Family, Work, Citizenship (name change, course description change)

Department of Sport Sciences
SPTS 089B Practicum: Athletic Training I
SPTS 189B Practicum: Athletic Training III

Benerd School of Education
Curriculum & Instruction
EDUC 131 First & Second Language Acquisition/Linguistic Foundations
EDUC 110 Introduction to Syntax & Semantics
EDUC 120 First and Second Language Acquisition
EDUC 100 Introduction to Language (increase in units from 3 to 4, revision to course description)
EDUC 163 Teaching English Learners (change in prerequisites)
EDUC 164/264 Introduction to Bilingual Education: Global Perspective (change in prerequisites)

School of Engineering & Computer Science
Civil Engineering
CIVL 015 Civil Engineering Graphics (change in prerequisites)
CIVL 132 Introduction to Environmental Engineering (change in prerequisites)
CIVL 134 Groundwater (change in prerequisites)
CIVL 150 Transportation Engineering (change in prerequisites)
CIVL 151 Heavy Construction Methods (change in prerequisites)
CIVL 165 Structural Steel Design (change in prerequisites)
CIVL 166 Reinforced Concrete Design (change in prerequisites)
CIVL 171 Water and Environmental Policy (change in prerequisites)
CIVL 173 Sustainable Engineering (change in prerequisites)

School of Pharmacy & Health Sciences
Department of Physiology and Pharmacology
PHYP 158 Fundamentals of Toxicology (change in prerequisites)

IV. Program Changes - Action
Benerd School of Education
Curriculum & Instruction
Curriculum and Instruction
Minor in "Teaching Professions"

V. Academic Calendar - Ann Gillen - Action

VI. Forms Update - Discussion/Action

VII. What's on your mind? - Discussion