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February 4, 2010

Academic Affairs Committee
February 4, 2010, 3:00 - 5:00 PM

I. Approval of Minutes - Action
January 14, 2010

II. Consent - Action
College of the Pacific
Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences
GEOS020 Living on Planet Earth
GEOS061 Geology of California (change in units)

Department of Modern Language and Literature
GERM093 Special Topics
GERM106 German Culture and Society II
GERM111 Spoken and Written German
GERM124 German Writers of the 19th Century
GERM128 German Poetry
GERM132 Goethe and Schiller
GERM134 Modern German Prose
GERM136 Modern German Drama
GERM193 Special Topics
JAPN140 Modern Business Japanese
JAPN172 Japanese Culture and Civilization

Department of Psychology
PSYC053 Behavior Change I (title change)
PSYC105 Experimental Psychology
PSYC125 History and Systems of Psychology
PSYC156 Behavioral Medicine/ Health Psychology
PSYC158 Behavioral Assessment
PSYC256 Behavioral Medicine/ Health Psychology
PSYC258 Behavioral Assessment
PSYC291 Independent Graduate Study (change in units)
PSYC297 Independent Graduate Research (change in units)

Department of Visual Arts
ARTS73 Freshman Seminar
ARTS081 Typography II
ARTS115 Time-Based Media: Motion Graphics
ARTS047 Digital Media Survey
ARTS161 Web Design for Artists
ARTH101 History of Graphic Design
ARTS045 Digital Photography (catalog copy)
ARTS079 Typography (change in title and prerequisites)
ARTS091 Computer Graphic Design I: Print Media (change in title and prerequisites)
ARTS095 Computer Graphic Design II: Time Based Media (change in title and prerequisites)
ARTS103 Graphic Production (change in prerequisites)
ARTS161 Web Design for Artists (change to ARTS105 Time Based Media: Web Design)
ARTS171 Graphic Design III (change in prerequisites)

Benerd School of Education
EDUC181 ECE: Social Justice/Diversity
EDUC182 ECE: Curriculum and Inquiry
EDUC183 ECE: Social Contexts/Cognitive Development

III.  Program Changes - Action
Eberhardt School of Business
BUSI226 Financial Statement Analysis
BUSI250 Health Finance: Health Insurance
BUSI251 International Health Care Systems
BUSI252 Healthcare Law
BUSI254 Health Economics
BUSI255 Applied Business Principles for Pharmacy
Healthcare Management (within the existing MBA program)
PharmD/MBA Dual Degree Program

College of the Pacific
Department of Communication

COMM200 Communication and Consulting
COMM201 Public Affairs: Politics, NGOs and Education
COMM202 Public Communication Campaigns
COMM203 New communication Technology
COMM204 Media Relations and Public Policy
COMM205 Communication and Decision Making
COMM206 Management of Organizational Communication
COMM207 Advanced Professional Communication
COMM261 Critical and Qualitative Research Methods
COMM262 Quantitative Research Methods
MA Graduate Program (McGeorge Campus)
COMM270 Introduction to Graduate Study
COMM274 Statistical Applications in Communication Research
COMM293 Special Topics
MA in Communication (Stockton only)

Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences
BS in Geology-Geosciences Teaching Concentration
Environmental Sciences
Environmental Studies

Department of Economics
BS Computing and Applied Economics

Department of Visual Arts
BFA Graphic Design

Conservatory of Music
MHIS013 Survey of Western Music III
MHIS011 Survey of Music History I
MHIS012 Survey of Music History II
BA in Jazz Studies
BA in Music (General)
BA in Music Management
BM in Music Composition
BM in Music Education, Concentration Choral
BM in Music Education, Concentration Instrumental
BM in Music History
BM in Music Management
BM in Music Therapy
BM in Performance (Piano)
BM in Performance (Cello, Double Bass, Viola, Violin)
BM in Performance (Voice)
BM in Performance (Woodwind, Brass, Percussion)
Minor in Music
Minor in Music History
Minor in Music Theory

IV. WASC Assessment, Brian Klunk Discussion

V.  Faculty Workload Balance

VI.  Experiential Learning

VII. Adjournment