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January 13, 2011

Academic Affairs Committee
January 13, 2011
DUC 211
3:00 - 5:00 PM

I. Approval of Minutes - Action
December 2nd, 2010

II. Consent Agenda - Action
Eberhardt School of Business
BUSI137 Database Management Systems (remove pre-req BUSI136)

College of the Pacific
Department of History

HIST138 United States since 1945 (transitioning from special topics)
HIST144 Contemporary China

Ethnic Studies
ETHN189 Service Learning Practicum (change in units, from 4 to 2-4) 
ETHN197 Undergraduate Research (change in units, from 4 to 2-4)

Department of Political Science
POLS112 Congress & the Presidency
POLS116 Campaigns & Elections (transitioning from special topics)

POLS 108 The Legislative Process
POLS110 The US Presidency (no available faculty to teach on regular basis, proposing to replace with POLS112 Congress and the Presidency)

POLS128 The Administrative State (change in course title to: Introduction to Public Administration) 
POLS164 International Political Economy (change in pre-req)
POLS170 US Foreign Policy (change in pre-req)

Department of Psychology
PSYC109 Physiology Psychology (change in course title to: Biological Psychology)

Department of Sociology
SOCI041 Social Problems (transitioning from special topics)
SOCI111 Environment & Society (transitioning from special topics)

SOCI081 Delivery of Social Services (no available instructor, has not been taught in 3yrs)
SOCI104 Sociology of Sport (no available instructor, has not been taught in 3yrs)

SOCI125 Health & Illness (change in course title to: Sociology of Health and Illness/and removal of pre-req)

Department of Sport Sciences
SPTS242 Global Sports Worlds (transitioning from special topics)

Conservatory of Music
Music History
MHIS155 Topics in Music of the 20th – 21st Century
MHIS160 American Music (transitioning from special topics)

MHIS150 Medieval Music (proposing to include in MHIS152 Topics in Early Music)
MHIS151 Music in the Renaissance (proposing to include in MHIS152 Topics in Early Music)
MHIS152 Music in the Baroque (change in course title to: Topics in Early Music)
MHIS153 Studies in the Classical Period (change in course title to: Topics in Eighteenth-Century Music/and pre-req)
MHIS154 Studies in the Romantic Period (change in course title to: Topics in Nineteenth-Century Music /and  pre-req)

Music Studies/Composition
MCOM019 Music and Computer Technology (change in pre-req and catalog description)
MCOM111 Advanced Computer Music (change in pre-req and catalog description)
MCOM124 Composition, Upper Division (change in pre-req and catalog description)

III.  Program Changes - Action
College of the Pacific
Dept of History
Minor in Public History & Museum Studies

Film Studies
Major in Film Studies
FILM195 Independent Capstone project 

Benerd School of Education
Changes to Course Prefixes

School of International Studies
Global Anthropology Major
ANTH 132 Modern Middle East (transitioning from special topics)
ANTH 134 Anthropology of Africa
ANTH 164 Anthropology of Food (transitioning from special topics)
ANTH 170 Culture and Economy
ANTH 188 Anthropology Theory

Pacific Humanities Scholar Program

IV.   Diversity Curriculum Requirement Assessment Plan, Arturo Ocampo

V. Academic Affairs Forms - Action
Revision To Existing Course Proposal
New Program Proposal
Changes to Existing Program Proposal

VI. Syllabus TemplateContinued Discussion

VII.  EER Team Four Report, Rahim Khoie - Presentation

VIII. Adjournment