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May 5, 2005

Academic Affairs Committee

McCaffrey Center Spruce Room
May 5, 2005

3:00 - 5:00 p.m.


Approval of Minutes
April 7, 2005


Consent Agenda see Academic Affairs website

Benerd School of Education

Educational and School Psychology


  EPSY 215 Individual Assessment  
  CURR 87 Fieldwork in Public Schools  
  CURR 171 Curriculum and Instruction: Organization, Planning and Evaluation  
  CURR 173 Curriculum and Instruction: Instructional Strategies  

The College

Sport Sciences


  SPTS 235 Graduate Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism  
  SPTS 248 Applied and Clinical Physiology  
  SPTS 259 Professional Preparation in Sport Sciences  

School of Engineering and Computer Science

Mechanical Engineering


  MECH 110 Instrumentation and Experimental Methods  

MECH 150 Heat Transfer

  MECH 178 Finite Element Methods  

Electrical Engineering/Computer Engineering


  ECPE 71 Digital Design  
  ECPE 195 Senior Project I  
  ECPE 196 Senior Project II  

Computer Science


  COMP 181-185 Professional Practice  

Conservatory of Music

Music Performance


  MPER 30 Jazz Piano I  

Music History


  MHIS 8 History of Jazz  

Music Composition


  MCOM 119 Jazz Writing and Improvisation Techniques  
  MCOM 120 The Styles and History of American Jazz  
  MCOM 121 Jazz Scoring  

TJL School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences



  PHAR 143 Cardiovascular Care  

Physiology and Pharmacology


  PHYP 249 Special Topics  
  PHYP 293 Graduate Independent Study  
  PHYP 297 Graduate Research  
  PHYP 299 Thesis  
  PHYP 391 Independent Study  
  PHYP 397 Advance Graduate Research  
  PHYP 399 Dissertation  

Pharmaceutics and Medicinal Chemistry


  PMED 231 Advanced Medicinal Chemistry: Drug Design  
  PMED 235 Diffusion in Pharmaceutical Sciences  
  PMED 238 Intro to Radiotracer Methods & Radiation Protection  
  PMED 249 Special Topics  
  PMED 255 Biochemical Regulation  
  PMED 264 Pharmacokinetic Study Design & Analysis  
  PMED 287 Drug Biotransformation  
  PMED 288 Advances in Drug Delivery Systems  
  PMED 289, 290 Manufacturing Pharmacy  
  PMED 293 Graduate Independent Study  
  PMED 295 Graduate Seminar  
  PMED 297 Graduate Research  
  PMED 299 Thesis  
  PMED 391 Independent Study  
  PMED 395 Seminar  
  PMED 397 Advance Research  
  PMED 399 Dissertation  

Pharmacy Practice


  PRAC 210 Advances in Drug Therapy  
  PRAC 249 Special Topics  
  PRAC 293 Graduate Independent Study  
  PRAC 295 Graduate Seminar  
  PRAC 297 Graduate Research  
  PRAC 299 Thesis  
  PRAC 391 Independent Study  
  PRAC 395 Seminar  
  PRAC 397 Advanced Research  
   PRAC 399 Dissertation  

Physical Therapy


  PTHR 314 Introduction to Physical Therapy and Patient Care I            
  PTHR 336 Clinical Experience I  
  PTHR 338 Clinical Experience II  
  PTHR 201 Gross Human Anatomy  
  PTHR 202 Exercise Physiology in Physical Therapy  
  PTHR 203 Histology and Immunology  
  PTHR 204 Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy  
  PTHR 204A Pathophysiology I  
  PTHR 205 Clinical Kinesiology I  
  PTHR 206 Pathophysiology  
  PTHR 207 Clinical Kinesiology II  
  PTHR 209 The Nervous System & Behavior  
  PTHR 211 Physical Agents  
  PTHR 213 Electrotherapy  
  PTHR 215 Physical Therapy Exam and Evaluation  
  PTHR 217 Therapeutic Exercise: Theory & Application  
  PTHR 219 Pediatric Physical Therapy  

PTHR 221 Intro to PT and Patient Care I

  PTHR 222 Intro to PT and Patient Care  
  PTHR 225 Analysis of Human Movement Through the Life Span  
  PTHR 227 Clinical Experience I  
  PTHR 229 Clinical Experience II  
  PTHR 231 Prosthetics and Orthotics  
  PTHR 233 Research: Theory & Application  
  PTHR 237 Medical Conditions & Screening for Medical Disease  
  PTHR 239 Administration & Management of Physical Therapy Services I  
  PTHR 239A Administrative & Management of PT Services  
  PTHR 241 Administrative & Management of PT Services II  
  PTHR 245 Geriatric Physical Therapy  
  PTHR 247 Neuromuscular Physical Therapy  
  PTHR 249 Psychosocial Aspects of Illness & Disability  
  PTHR 251 Clinical Experience III  
  PTHR 252 Clinical Education & Professional Behavior  
  PTHR 253 Seminar  
  PTHR 254 Foundations: Teaching/Learning Health Sciences  
  PTHR 255 Paradigm Analysis Within Physical Therapy  
  PTHR 256 Society/Health Care/Physical Therapy  
  PTHR 261 Musculoskeletal Physical Therapy I  
  PTHR 263 Clinical Internship I  
  PTHR 265 Clinical Internship II  
  PTHR 267 Clinical Internship III  
   PTHR 269A Post Professional Internship  
  PTHR 269B Post Professional Internship  
  PTHR 269C Post Professional Internship  
  PTHR 269E Post Professional Internship  
  PTHR 297 Graduate Research  
  PTHR 299 Thesis Project  

University Wide

Public Service


  SERV 12 Academic Skills for Success  
Review of Policy on Minors