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May 7, 2009

Academic Affairs Committee
LOCATION: UC Conference Room, 211A
May 7th, 2009
3:00 - 5:00 PM

I. Approval of Minutes - Action
April 2nd, 2009

II. Consent - Action

College of the Pacific
 Sport Sciences
 SPTS142 Sport & Globalization
 SPTS175 Sport Event Management  (SPTS175 Sport Event and Facility Management; pre-req change)

 Theatre Arts
 THEA134 Mask-Making
 THEA137 Lighting Technology
 THEA130 Puppetry and Mask-Making
 THEA037B Light and Sound Technology
 Eberhardt School of Business
 BUSI246 Marketing of Services
 School of Engineering and Computer Science
 ENGR110 Instrumentation and Experimental Methods 

CPCE, Organizational Behavior Program
 Revision (transition from special topics)
ORGB120 Critical Thinking for Adults
ORGB130 Professional Communication
ORGB145 Issues in Human Resource Management
ORGB150 Advanced Professional Writing
ORGB155 Issues in Decision Making
ORGB175 Organizational Structure and Design

College of the Pacific
Communications (Graduate courses only)

COMM233 Documentary Film as Persuasive Communication
COMM224 Publications Editing

Eberhardt School of Business
Masters of Business Administration (MBA)
BUSI280 Strategy Implementation
BUSI211 Applied Business Principles (Prerequisite changes)
BUSI279 Leadership and Change (Prerequisite changes, and course title)

Benerd School of Education (Graduate courses only)
CURR314 Contemporary Issues in Schooling and Education
CURR316 Interdisciplinary Curriculum Inquiry
EDUC246 Teaching as Reflective Inquiry I
EDUC266 Teaching as Reflective Inquiry II
EDUC276 Teaching as Reflective Inquiry III
EDUC260 Productive Learning Environments for Diverse Classrooms
EDUC267 Understanding Adolescents in School Contexts
CURR258A Directed Teaching Mult. Subj.
CURR258B Directed Teaching Mult. Subj./Sing. Subj.
CURR258J Directed Teaching Mult. Subj. Spec. Assign.
CURR278 Directed Teaching Sing. Subj.
CURR179X Teaching in the Content Areas
        EDUC255 Teaching in the Content Areas I (2 units)
CURR179X Teaching in the Content Areas
        EDUC265 Teaching in the Content Areas II (2 units)
CURR179X Teaching in the Content Areas
        EDUC275 Teaching in the Content Areas III (2 units)
CURR175 Reading/Language Arts Development: Single Subject
        EDUC256 Content Area Literacy Development in Secondary Schools
CURR227 ESL Theory and Practice
        EDUC257 ESL Theory and Practice
CURR229 Introduction to Bilingual Education
        EDUC264 Introduction to Bilingual Education
CURR258 Directed Teaching (10 units)
        EDUC270 Professional Practice (2-10 units)

III. Calendar
IV. Adjournment