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November 2, 2006

Academic Affairs Committee McCaffrey Center Pine Room
November 2, 2006 ~ 3:00 - 5:00 p.m.
   I. Approval of Minutes
October 5, 2006
II. Consent Agenda Action
MBA Program
  BUSI 229 Real Estate Finance and Investments  
  BUSI 242 E-Commerce Marketing  
  BUSI 253 Industrial Relations  
  BUSI 259 Employment Law  
  BUSI 273 Organizational Analysis and Design  
  School of International Studies
  INTL 61 The UN System  
  INTL 67 Introduction to Model United Nations (MUN I)  
  INTL 69 Introduction to International Law  
  INTL 167 Advanced Model United Nations (MUN II)  
  INTL 101 International Research Methods  
  INTL 105 Globalization, the U.S. and the World  
  INTL 113 World Geography for the Social Sciences  
  INTL 123 Literature Across Cultures  
  INTL 161 Cross-Cultural  
  INTL 165 Development, Modernization, and Cultural Change  
  INTL 163 Global Environmental. Policy  
III. Pacific Seminar Syllabi Information
  PACS 001 What is a Good Society?
  PACS 002 [8:00]  
  PACS 002 [12:30]  
IV. School of International Studies
  INTL 185 SIS Capstone  
V. Program Changes Action
VI. Update on Changes in Office of Research and Graduate Studies Information
  • Update on Changes in the Office of Research and Graduate Studies
  • Proposed Changes for the Office of Research and Graduate Studies
  • Grad School Office Structure: Costs and Sources of Funding – Final Report
  • Position Profile
VII. Policy on Academic Minor Discussion
  • Policy on Minors, March 2, 2006
  • Exemptions
    Art History
    Modern Language and Literature
VIII. Academic Calendar for 2007-2008 Action
IX. General Catalog Discussion
  Move from paper to electronic version for 2008-2009
X. Adjournment