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November 3, 2011

Academic Affairs Committee
November 3, 2011
Library Community Room 3-5pm

I. Approval of Minutes - Action
October 6, 2011

II.  Consent - Action
College of the Pacific
Department of Sport Sciences
SPTS 120 Instructional Strategies and Methods of Teaching and Coaching
SPTS 152 Secondary Physical Education
SPTS 187d Sport Pedagogy Internship I
SPTS 187e Sport Pedagogy Internship II
SPTS 121 Team Sports (change in course title)
SPTS 123 Individual Sports (change in course title)
SPTS 127 Philosophy of Sport (change in course title)
SPTS 129 Principles of Exercise (change in course title and # of units)
SPTS 141 Sport in America (change in course title)
SPTS 147 Exercise Physiology I (change in course content)
SPTS 153 Adapted Physical Education (change in course title)
SPTS 159 Sport Pedagogy (change in course title, addition of prerequisite)
Theatre Arts
THEA 003 Stage Works
THEA 005 On Stage (change from 2 units to 1-2 units)
THEA 75 or THEA 77 (offering a choice of either class for major requirement)

Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Speech-Language Pathology
SLPA 283 Diagnostic Lab (no prerequisites) 1 unit

Program Changes - Action
College of the Pacific
Department of Sport Sciences
Major in Sport Sciences (Sport Pedagogy Concentration)

IV. Education Abroad minimum GPA - Action

V. New Academic Affairs Forms - Informational

VI. What's on your mind? - Discussion