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November 4 2010

Academic Affairs Committee
November 4, 2010
3:00 - 5:00 PM

I. Approval of Minutes - Action
October 7, 2010

II. Consent Agenda      Action
University Wide Co-op
CO-op 193A Career Exploration and Planning (change in course number)
CO-op 193B Career Search Essentials (change in course number)

School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences 
Pharmacy Practice
PMED 122 Teaching Assistant for Professional Communications & Interviewing
PMED 131 Introduction to Dermatology
PRAC 124 Developing Consumer Fact Sheets
PRAC 130 Practice of Pharmacy – A Multicultural and International Approach (Changed to variable credit of 1 to 2 units)

III. Policy for Book Selection, Lou Matz  Postponed. Discussion

IV.  EER Team Four Report Postponed.   Presentation

V. Calendar- focus on impact of spring holiday   Discussion

VI. Academic Affairs Forms     Action
Revision To Existing Course Proposal
New Program Proposal
Changes to Existing Program Proposal

VII. Syllabus Template      Discussion

VIII. Streamline the Process for Course Approval  Discussion

IX. Adjournment